Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter to X

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The chaos continues, with Elon Musk renaming Twitter to his favorite letter, X.

Apparently, tweets will now be called x’s. Sure, that’s going to catch on.

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“X Japan” is registered trademark of a Japanese rock band (1982-1997 and 2007-present.)
http://www.xjapan.com says “X Japan is the most successful rock group in Japanese history.”

I’m having a good chuckle with how Musk is touting this logo as some original idea behind which are lots of grand thoughts of his. I see it and immediately recognize it’s just a rehash of the same symbol used for 3+ decades already for the X Window System. Musk was barely out of grade school when they came up with it. What a poser. :laughing:


I just saw this headline from the Onion. :grinning:

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It’s better than that. It’s essentially an unmodified capital X from Monotype’s “Special Alphabets 4”.


(Note: Link is refusing to load for me tonight, probably due to increased traffic from the revelation about the font being the source of the new logo.)

It’s also been in use since December 2021 by an EDM artist named Kxlider, though this artist has an extremely small following.


In either case, the new logo is essentially untrademarkable, just as the name is essentially unsearchable.

This all is perfectly in fitting with Musk’s compulsive habit of jumping in headfirst without checking that there’s more than a few inches of water in the pool. He’s 100% id. He gets an idea, he must follow it wherever it leads, no hesitation, no regrets, and no apologies.

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Musk is actually transitioning Twitter into a new “Payment” scam. Nothing about his using investors money to buy Twitter is “new”. He’s had visions of a more elaborate PAYPAL for a very long time.
Musk got hold of Twitter to get an instant database of users for his “DIGITAL CURRENCY” SCAM.
Look at the old pictures and videos of Musk and realize the present Musk isn’t actually the REAL Musk.
It’s all yet another scam run by just another corrupt billionaire who sees an easy way to add billions to his bank account.
This has nothing to do with “helping” anyone but himself.
A scam long in the making…

The logo is actually the Unicode character 𝕏, which can be found at U+1D54F in the Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols block here: http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U1D400.pdf.

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Presumably XXX is the next idea coming down the pipelines. Strictly for adults.

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Too good!


And I love the fact that they slipped in the real change from “HBO Max” to “Max”.

Thanks for the reference. This, in math, is known as a “double-struck” character, and is written this way because the letters are written with doubled strokes on a blackboard, where boldface would be impossible.

They are generally used to represent sets ( Doublestruck -- from Wolfram MathWorld ), and many commonly-used sets and classes-of-sets are represented with double-struck letters.

A double-struck X (𝕏) isn’t one of the standard sets listed on the MathWorld site.

I wonder if the intent here is for it to mean “the set of …” representing the complete set of tweets/texts/videos managed by the service. If so, I like it, but only mathematicians will get it.

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Literally everything this new owner has done with Twitter makes no sense. Does he even realize how he is driving people away and / or turning them off?!!!

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So MacOS X is OS Ten, so Twitter is now 𝕏 or Ten. /s

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Contrary opinion here.

I hope he succeeds and, if the facts as presented are correct, he’s been so far.

Let’s see what happens in the next two years.

Is Musk trying to be avoid being called a Twit? Or revealing himself as one?

I guess most people have a different understanding of the definition of “succeed” – as NOTHING Musk has done with Twitter has been a success by any measure.

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He’s not just driving consumers away; he’s been hemorrhaging advertisers. And ads was, and still are, by far, the biggest source of Twitter’s revenue:

I doubt that axing the cute little birdy logo with a humongous, scary looking X is NOT a good choice. Does he really think that he can go up against Google, We Chat/Alibaba, Apple, etc.?

Will Zuckerberg counter with “Faecesbook”?

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Twitter/X is bleeding money like it’s been stabbed in the heart. Advertisers are dropping out faster than Musk can persuade them to stay or replace them. Traffic is down in every sector except the loudmouths and scammers and spammers. Legitimate news sources are going silent as they switch to other avenues. They don’t even have enough money to pay their outstanding Google bills for network service, which is the real reason behind the sudden limitation in how many tweets a user can view per day. I haven’t seen a single positive reaction to the rebranding, and some analysts estimate that it’s destroyed as much as $20 billion of the company’s value, given that the brand has long been one of their most valuable assets.

Nothing Musk has done since at Twitter since he took over has succeeded—not a single thing. Where are you getting “facts as presented” indicating otherwise?

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I said, “contrary opinion here”. It is just friendly conversation we’re making …

The company is not listed anymore. So no verifiable data is available about revenues, number of paying corporate clients, financials, etc.

All there is are “claims”, by the owner himself, and by his opponents (enemies?).

The owner claims that cashflow is still negative, and that some “lagging indicators” are improving, like “app performance”, number of minutes people are spending on the app daily, etc.

“If we have data, let’s look at data, if all we have are opinions, …”. Jim Barksdale

I don’t have data. Anyone?