DVD Burning with Structure

Hi All:

Hoping to pick your brains a bit.
I have a need to create a DVD with a movie, etc….
While I can create the movie in iMovie, without iDVD I have no way to create a DVD structure.
I have searched the web and found a few options, tried them, but they are nothing compared to iDVD, and the results are mixed.
That got me thinking about my fellow Tidbits members, perhaps they might know of a decent piece of software they could recommend.
I did search the forum, and I see the mention of Toast, which I own and did try. Again, not great.
Researched the Mac App store and found CISDEM DVD burner, which I tried as well. Again, not great. There are a few others, all getting 1 or 2 stars with advice to avoid.
Downloaded something called “Wondershare” but get a warning msg upon launch….so did not launch it.
Was trying to find something just a bit more robust than the apps mentioned. Not sure if there is anything out there?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Running an intel iMac with Monterey (Going to move to Sonoma at some point)

I don’t know if you can run iDVD in a virtual machine, but that’s one thing that comes to mind. You can get a free license for VMware Fusion Player and install an older OS. I believe the last one you can use is Mojave which is easily downloaded from Apple as iDVD is 32 bit. If you just need to burn a disk, the free Burn is around but you said you need a structure which I take as menus so you need something like iDVD for that.

I haven’t actually used it, but there is the free/open-source DVDStyler that seems to get some good reviews. Apparently at some point the installer tried to slip in some adware, so pay close attention if you install it.

An interesting thought.
I might consider this if desperation sets in.



Hi Ron:

I am always a bit leery with “FREE” software, you never seem to know what you might be installing.
I took a look and have added this to my list to try. Would be great if someone on this forum has had some experience with it.

Much appreciated…


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I haven’t had a need to create a movie DVD for years. I have kept my old iMac (used as a media server) on Mojave so I might try using iDVD, Maybe hold off installing a VM until I can test this.

In any case (i.e. off topic), there are several legacy Apple apps that I will miss if I “upgrade” beyond Mojave: iDVD, iWeb, iMovie (found it easier to use than Movie), the original Keynote (before it was crimped for iOS compatibility) and Front Row (before it was discontinued to force people to buy Apple TVs) to name a few.

Update: iDVD seems to run OK under Mojave. It prompted to download numerous fonts then allowed me to create a DVD project. Only thing I couldn’t try was burning a DVD. It turns out I don’t have any blank DVDs!

I still have a Mojave volume on my 2012 Mini but I don’t use it as much as previously but I know iDVD worked on it. Most of the high definition files I have been burning for the last few years need a blu-ray disc/format anyway and since I don’t need menus, I just burn with the Finder. But I still keep some of my old OS volumes just in case.

The VM route is great for older OS’s like Snow Leopard where I still use it for old ClarisWorks files and other old programs.

I know Wondershare Filmora, a capable video editor, somewhere above iMovie feature wise. They fill it with marketing upsells which is a turnoff but it’s solid. It’s a good option for PC users in particular.

I would imagine their DVD app is similar. I wouldn’t hesitate to check it out.

This does look like a very capable video editor, but that isn’t what I need at the moment.
Scanning through the website, I don’t see any DVD burning options, but I will continue to probe.
Thanks for the info…


Hi All:

I think you guys have given me a path to success here.
After reading your posts, it occurred to me that I have my (Cheese Grater Version) Mac Pro sitting in the basement.
I think it was running El Capitan when I replaced it with this iMac.
So, I am pretty sure it has iDVD on it, so I am going to try and get that Mac all hooked up today and see if that solves my problem.

I know that “DVDs” seem to be going the way of VHS tapes, but frankly, I LIKE DVDs, I still buy them, and for sharing video content, I would still prefer the ability to create video content without having to post it somewhere(where it could be viewed or copied by others), or deal with large file transfers.
I’m an old guy, I admit it, but that is what I think.
I will let you all know if I am successful, but please, if you have any ideas/links to something that could accomplish DVD authoring that would run in Sonoma, I would still like to see it.

Back later…



It might be worth giving Burn.app (mentioned earlier by jk2gs) a closer look. I’ve used it for burning audio CDs on macOS 12, and I quite like it for that purpose.

I haven’t burnt any DVDs recently, but their home page (link above) says:

To personalize your DVD-Video disc, burn can create interactive menus. Choose a theme in Burn or create your own.

There’s also a screenshot of their “MenuEdit” feature in the gallery of screenshots.

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Based on the recommendations above, I have downloaded the Burn.App.
I spent the day getting my Mac Pro up and working.
Frankly, I never realized how slow it had become compared to this iMac (2019) I am on.
Anyhow, I have had some issues getting the drives opening, doors sticking, etc…Got that resolved and I have been able to burn some DVDs, but have noted some “Encoding” issues popping up.
Pulled the drive bay out (The Cheese grater Mac Pros were such a pleasure to work on) and cleaned out a ton of dust etc…

Anyhow, I am burning DVDs, it IS slow, so trying the Burn app is definitely on my list of stuff to try.
I will report back about the BURN app…
Thank you Ashley and everyone else!!!


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Can iDVD save a finalized product to a DVD image (ISO file)? If so, then you may be able to run it in a VM or on another computer and then transport the image to a computer with a DVD burner.

The last time I tried burning a DVD (quite a while ago), I did it with Roxio Toast. The current version still offers the capability (but you need to pay extra for Blu-Ray authoring, if you think that’s something you may want to do). Not free, and the price may be more than you want to spend, but it’s a good product.

It’s also great for burning audio and data discs if you require something more advanced than what Apple bundles in Music and the Finder.

If you can afford the price tag, Final Cut Pro ($300) includes support for DVD and Blu-Ray authoring and burning. But that’s probably overkill if you just want to save some home movies to disc. For that, I’d use Toast.


Hi David:

As noted in the beginning I have Toast, did give it a go, not much there.
I have FCP and did output the movie in ISO and did burn to a DVD which did load in the player and play.
Looks like hell. No way to author the DVD, which is really the reason I started this thread.
Authoring DVDs…no one wants to do that any longer?

Anyhow, thanks for the suggestions…see my previous post above.


FWIW my 27 year old son has a Blu-ray player and is quietly amassing a library of DVDs and BluRays. Not just the old guys. I also have students who want to hold onto favorite films, quite literally.



Your 27 year old son and I would get along famously! :grinning: :grinning: :+1:

Thank you


I’d say the fact that Criterion hasn’t gone out of business or shut down its disc offerings says there is still a decently sized market for movies on DVD and Blu-Ray. Plus I think Sony and Microsoft game consoles with disc drives help sustain demand for discs.

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And Ultra Blu-Ray discs keep coming out as well.


As streaming services cancel/delete movies and TV shows from their catalog, people are quickly realizing that all streaming services are rentals, even if the company says you’re “buying” the movie.

Vs. physical media, where you can play it forever no matter what the publisher later decides.




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