CMD+Return to send Mail - a repeated annoyance

Do other people experience this as well? When composing a Mail message, the default keyboard shortcut for sending the mail is CMD+Return.

Many times though I just hear a click. But if I just open Message drop down (where I can see that the send keyboard shortcut is correct) and go back to the message, CMD+Return will then work.

For a while.

This has been going on for quite a while.

Are you sure about that? I’ve changed nothing on my Mac and for as long as I can remember, the shortcut for sending a message I’m composing has (for some bizarre reason) been command-shift-d.

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That’s what it shows in the Message menu at top.


At least for the US keyboard, the default for Send is Cmd-Shift-D.

Perhaps you set a custom keyboard shortcut in Settings / Keyboard / Keyboard Shortcuts, App Shortcuts page?

I’m using the U.S. keyboard. This is what it looks like in those settings you mentioned.

I don’t remember particularly setting Send to be that, but that’s what it is.

And it shows up that way in the Message menu.


Anyway, if it’s set to a non-default then the keyboard settings feature has a repeated annoyance.


What’s MsgFiler? Could have have changed your shortcuts?


Cmd-Shift-D for me as well.

(And I think something’s changed your settings because an app doesn’t show up in the Accessibility / Keyboard Shortcuts area unless it’s been explicitly added)

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Delete that entry. Highlight it and press the minus button at the bottom of the listing. I’m guessing that if you do that it will switch back to the default Shift-Cmd-D.

I don’t even have Mail listed in that screen, so I am guessing that at some point you added it yourself - I think that’s the only way that those show up. (I only have Preview there, with “Rectangular Selection” set to Opt-Cmd-R, but I know that I added that.)

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MsgFiler is a fantastic Mail plugin for quickly filing messages in mail folders which unfortunately will no longer work in Sonoma because Sonoma is not allowing Mail plugins anymore. :frowning: It’s the main reason I haven’t tried upgrading to Sonoma yet.

I’ll try that if the annoyance gets to me to much. But Shift-CMD-D? Seriously? If I changed it I see why I did. :slight_smile: That’s all on the left side of the keyboard. Seems like it would even more of a nuisance!

I could see why you changed it, if you did.

cmd-shift-A is attachments and I’ve often confused the two in a rush. (and I still have Eudora muscle memory)

I can do both with my left hand.


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Cmd shift D works quite well one handed.

I meant that! By both I meant send and attachments. :)


Is there a skeptical eyebrow emoticon? :slight_smile:

My CMD+Return usually works. It’s just that it doesn’t sometimes.

My CMD-SHIFT-D always works.

I have no doubt. My skeptical eyebrow was about whether it’s easy to use or not.

You would agree that if MacOS lets you set an alternative, and if it works most of the time, it should really work all the time, right?

I would agree that you should figure out what’s actually happened and then react to that, yes.

Well, yes and no. Some other app or service may be capturing that Command-Return keystroke sometimes. It’s not uncommon to have conflicts when you remap keys in various ways.

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Why would simply opening up and closing the Message menu at the top fix it?

What I would suggest is either remove the custom key combo and see if the default key combo works reliably, or try using a different key combo. Either way, you will see if it has something to do with that specific key combo, or if it remains flaky with the default or another combo, then maybe something else is up.

Another idea is to create a new user account, set up your email address(es) on that user account, set up the custome key combo, and see if it works reliably there.

I don’t think that cmd-return is a system key combo, but who knows?

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