Can't connect MacBook to iOS devices

Trying to connect iPad Pro or iPhone to MacBook Pro via Bluetooth (technical details such as OS versions are below). It connects and immediately disconnects.

I “Forget this device” on both.

CLUE: If I reconnect from the iPad by tapping on MacBook Pro in the iPad’s Bluetooth panel, I get: “Pairing Unsuccessful. ‘Moe’s MacBook Pro’ is not supported.”


On the Mac, I connect to the iPad (or iPhone, same symptoms) and the 6-digit code appears, I tap Pair and now the devices appear on each other’s Bluetooth panels, but show as “Not connected.” If I connect from the Mac, it connects for one second and disconnects; if I connect using the iPad, I get the “not supported” message again.

If I connect the devices via USB (direct, no hub), I see the iPad in the Finder sidebar but if I go to connect via Sidecar, I cannot see the ipad in the Displays preferences (under Add Display). So stuck again.

Any ideas?


iPad Pro (9.7", iOS 15.1)
iPhone 13 Pro
MacBook Pro (Early 2015, MacOS 12.0.1)
All on same wifi network
All logged in to same iCloud ID

If you’re trying to connect as a second display using sidecar, Apple says that it requires a MacBook Pro 2016 or later. See Use an iPad as a second display for a Mac - Apple Support

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Thanks for the reply and Sidecar was one reason. Good to know that will not work.

I am also trying to connect them to use a typing app that lets me type using the Mac keybd and have it work on the iPhone. It used to work, so I know it is (was) possible. But no longer and I can’t figure out why I cannot connect the Mac and the iPhone / iPad.