Can Time Machine backups be placed in a single folder?

My previous Time Machine drive died, so I added a new drive to use for Time Machine. It is placing all of the backups at the top level of the drive. Can the Time Machine backups be placed into a single new folder on the drive, and will Time Machine record to the new folder ?
MacBook Air M1, MacOS Ventura 13.5.

No. TM to APFS does it that way (snapshots vs. the old file copy on HFS).

But you can create a second APFS volume on that same disk (within the same APFS container) to use for other purposes. That volume and the TM volume will share free space on their container dynamically so it’s a much more flexible setup than the old HFS partitions.

This article is a good primer to TM to APFS. The second one explains how APFS handles additional volumes within the same container.


Thank for that info. Created a new Volume on the existing Container, which will suit my purposes for this drive, allowing me to use the drive for random files, and for Time Machine.

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