Arc Web Browser Introduces Focused AI Features

Originally published at: Arc Web Browser Introduces Focused AI Features - TidBITS

The Browser Company of New York has unveiled Arc Max, a collection of five experimental AI tools. From Ask on Page to Tidy Downloads, we explore how Arc Max enhances browsing. But are these AI tools genuinely useful? Learn how The Browser Company approaches AI and follow along to see which features survive the trial period.

Arc has a new AI-powered feature called Arc Max.

If you type Max after hitting Cmd-L or Cmd-T, the first option is to “open max preferences.” One of the items that’s intriguing is a 5-Second Preview where Arc will display a summary of the Web page when you press the shift-key and hover the cursor over any link.

Including forums, I’m really enjoying this feature - though I might not enjoy the cost of it.

Sometimes I return to long web articles to confirm something I remember I read about, but have forgotten some fact. I think Ask on Page will be a nice thing to have in these cases, since I hate searching for something by scanning through the text. I often read too fast and miss the fact.

My main problem with Ask on Page is that I want to do actual searches a fair amount of time—I’m not asking a question, I just want to scroll to the point where a word is mentioned.

As far as ChatGPT goes, if you don’t use it, there’s no data transmitted. If you do use it, what you type will be sent to ChatGPT, as the privacy policy says.