Apps for tracking time and invoicing

I’m a freelancer. I’m looking for an app, compatible with High Sierra, that will let me track my time (this can be a manual operation, it doesn’t need to be automatic) and then let me generate an invoice based on that time.

I’ve been using QB2012 which has this function and it works fine, but I’m upgrading to High Sierra and QB2012 won’t run on HS.

Any suggestions?

Just to avoid some back and forth: I’m only upgrading to High Sierra because of compatibility issues with my primary software.

Hi John,

I went through this a few ago when the Sierra upgrade killed iBiz.

I settled on Fanurio. A couple of minuses (for me anyway):
Yearly subscription. It’s not expensive but I’d prefer to pay for software once.

The biggest minus is that when I am creating an invoice, I can’t pick and choose what I want to show on the invoice. i.e. I have a client who sends me research and typing per client. I’d like to look through the list of time entered and select those items only, which I could very easily do in iBiz or Quickbooks. The only way around this is to create a separate Task for each of my clients and then assign the non-billable task to each item. Then I have to manually change them to the billable Task and only then will I get two selections when I create the invoice. There is no way to drill down into each Task. I hope this makes sense, I can send you screen shots off list if you’d like.

It’s otherwise functional, but did not wow me the way iBiz did when I found it in 2009 :-/


I use On The Job. I checked the website for this to see if it would be compatible for you. Here’s a link …

Thanks so much. That’s very helpful.


I use Billings Pro from Marketcircle. Works for me… manual time tracking and invoicing.