Apple’s AI Proofreading Writing Tool

As I understand, Apple is introducing three types of writing tools:

  1. Rewrite, which generates alternative wording in one of three styles: Friendly, Professional, or Concise
  2. Proofread and Summarize, and
  3. Smart Reply

I’m most interested in Proofread’s capabilities but I haven’t found many specifics on exactly what it will do and this is the only screenshot I’m aware of:

(Source: WWDC 2024: Apple announces 3 new AI-powered writing tools (sorry, Grammarly) | Mashable )

Does anyone have more details on what Proofread will do? How does it compare to existing alternatives such as Grammarly?

Thank you.

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Since it’s not available even in beta right now, there are no more details that I’m aware of.

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Let’s see what Apple will come up with, the best existing tool of this kind I’m aware of is It has four styles

  • Simple
  • Business
  • Academic
  • Casual

and can set four tones

  • Enthusiastic
  • Friendly
  • Confident
  • Diplomatic

DeepL’s translation quality is far superior to Google Translate. They also have a free Mac App. The free tier of DeepL has generous allowances. I use it a lot.

Can you comment on DeepL’s spelling and grammar checking?

Also, does it work locally on your Mac or send everything to the cloud for processing?

Thank you.