Apple pushing OS updates

I was told that the iPhone will update iOS without permission if you have it plugged into the mains! As the 6S has dreadful battery life and I HAVE to charge it every night AND carry a 1000mAH battery pack:((

We’re straying off topic here, but that’s not the case — iOS will download updates automatically, but it will never install them unless you give permission. It might even nag you incessantly, but it won’t install unless you agree.

That said, if you’re having bad battery life on an iPhone 6s, you should get a new battery. They’re just $29 from Apple. See “Apple Apologizes for iPhone Battery Issue, Drops Replacement Prices to $29,” 3 January 2018.

It’s NOT what happened to me Adam my iPhone iOS was updated overnight with me NOT asking or allowing it.
It’s not the price of the battery (yes it is, partially, as Apple has upgraded other varieties of iPhone 6 for free 'cause they supplied a duff battery!) it’s the fact that the nearest Genius Bar is a nearly 200 mile round trip away and when I booked an appointment for a battery replacement they didn’t have a battery!!! Apple’s reputation is on the slide IMHO.

Strange — I’ve never heard of that happening before. iOS does offer to install at night now, so I could imagine an errant tap on that dialog, but if you’re certain you didn’t do that, I’ll keep an ear to the ground. Apple is moving more and more in that direction — they pushed High Sierra harder than was reasonable last year.

Should we discuss this trend privately Adam as it’s off topic? I think “pushing” is being extremely charitable to Apple they are morphing into a dictatorship by slippery tactics IMHO.

I’ve moved the relevant posts to a new topic, so it’s no longer off topic! This is one thing I love about Discourse.

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I have noticed the update thing as well. It’s happened the past couple of times. The update shows up and I opt to do it later and have to put my passcode in. But I think the choice is “do it now, or do it later when your phone is plugged in and on wifi”

I plug mine in every night so I wake up in the morning and it’s updated.

I wonder though if it’s a more important security update that is “forced” in this manner? I never do major updates right away and they normally sit in the background until I manually go in to start them.


If you opt to do it later and put in your password, that is going to install the updated, yes. You do not have to do it later, you can simply skip/cancel and not enter the password and it will not install.

iOS will never update without you telling it to and typing in your device passcode/PIN.

I will pay closer attention next time - I don’t remember seeing a skip/cancel for the last one!


If you think this is happening to you, take a screenshot when you see the warning, and of any subsequent notifications that tell you the update has been installed. (And of course, don’t tap a link that gives it permissions to continue.)

Something very odd happened with a drive we installed Mac OS X 10.10 on
yesterday. In the App Store macOS 10.13 upgrade appeared as an update. And
when we attempted to update Safari but not upgrade to 10.13, the 10.13
upgrade would start installing. We cancelled the upgrade by rebooting the

I am not sure if this is a weird bug or something intentional. I have a Mac
that I need to upgrade from 10.8x to 10.10.x tomorrow morning. I will see
if the App Store acts in the same odd manner.

I have not see this behavior in App Store on any of our Macs running macOS

Paul Chernoff

I believe this is correct.

I’d like to point out though that it’s not intuitive and IMHO highly user-unfriendly.

What Apple should do is provide a button along the lines of “No thanks and stop bugging me about it”. Having to first agree to “do it later” to then be able to hit cancel when all I want to do is in fact NOT install it later (or now for that matter) is anything but intuitive.

Apple very much wants everyone to be up-to-date and that works for the vast majority of users. While this is annoying to some user, it is a decision that Apple has made.

That is to say, this is not an accident or something they overlooked.

Right, I actually thought I was entering the PW to confirm I was opting out of doing the update, not that I was giving permission to do it later. I’ll have to look more closely next time, it always seems to come when I’m in the middle of something.

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Except if you have an alarm set for the morning, which I always do, and it cancels the nighttime update.

Apple often combines multiple updates into one entry in MAS until you click on “more…” at the end of the description. Then it will show each individual update included with it’s own install button.


Oh definitely, it’s no oversight. It’s Apple’s deliberate attempt to make it as difficult as possible for me to operate my device the way I want to. Obviously, I’m just another one of those annoying people “not holding it right”.

Is MAS the App Store mate?

Yes, MAS = Mac App Store.

Answered earlier, but the new system requires replies to be at least 20 characters long…


When “how you want” means running outdated software, yes. And Apple is not alone in this. Software updates contain security patches and therefore anyone running unmatched devices present a risk not only to themselves, but to everyone else.

A recent example, Drupal discovered a massive exploit in their code going back many version. they pre-announced a patch and warned that people needed to update immediately because otherwise the site would almost certainly be compromised.

Once they released the patch, responsible sites updated immediately, but thousands (if not more) sites have been infected and taken over by third parties and are now cranking out malware and DDOS attacks and a host of other things, having an impact on millions of people.