Apple pushing OS updates


There are often performance improvements and bug fixes too. IMHO, keeping software updated is like backing up. If you don’t do it regularly, chances are one day you’ll be very sorry. Apple doesn’t employ hordes of ninja warriors and top gun defenders just because its good PR, though it didn’t hurt when Tim Cook called Mark Zuckerberg out about security and privacy.

And kudos to TidBITS for alerting us about app updates.


(Simon) #22

That’s true. Just as it’s also true that people who always immediately update are often very sorry.

With Apple not telling users in detail what they updated and with the shoddy QA/QC they tend to display these days it makes much sense to wait and only install updates once you know what the update will do and that it won’t hose your production systems. In fact, it’s been long standing TidBITS advice to wait a while.

(@lbutlr) #23

Often? Maybe occasionally. Possibly rarely.

By the time Apple starts notifying people about an update it’s been out a week or two, and any issues will be known by the early adopters.

(Diane D) #24

That’s my issue too - I at least want a few days to see if people start complaining about things breaking.



That’s also true, and I usually wait a week or two if it’s a numbered biggie. If it’s a small one or a security update, I just do it. But then I do keep my eye on TidBITS and other sites to what’s what.


(Paul Schinder) #26

I’ve done it all the time for years and have never been sorry. I immediately install both macOS and iOS updates when I can. (Sometimes I have to wait on my Mac Pro to finish things before updating.) I do the same with my RaspberryPi. I’ve never had a problem.

(Dave Kitabjian) #27

While I did not get the installation log presented, I did have the “surprise” installation of a macOS update with 10.13.3, the previous version. While it did wait for reboot time, I had never told it that upgrading was permitted.

(Bertrand Morin) #28

I had no problems for years, but a recent MAC OS upgrade to EL CAPITAN (v.10.11.60 turned out to be a mess. The first hic! was that Safari was in English (I use the French-Canadian system, etc.), and it was an old version (9.1.2). I did try reinstalling El Capitan from the Apps Store, but to no avail. Rebooted and same. Tried to get Upgrades from Apps Store, same.
I do no know a way to get latest Safari version, other than reinstalling the OS, but that did not correct the matter. Lost in front of my iMac with no idea what to do…next!

(Bertrand Morin) #29

Comment: I have noticed that under the English and old version of Safari, " About this Mac" indicate and the whole GUI is also in English! WOW!

(James R Cutler) #30

I generally upgrade at least one system immediately, but I support a number of others so the problems I find do not become theirs. Running developer releases also help me learn in advance of having to teach.,

(Curtis Wilcox) #31

What OS X version were you running before installing El Capitan? Safari 9 was first released with El Capitan. To get the latest Safari version, version 12, you have to run at least macOS Sierra. The newest version of El Capitan can run is Safari 11, I think the latest update is 11.1.2. The only way I know of to get it is through Mac App Store Updates.

Safari will use the language set in System Preferences > Language & Region, add Français (Canada), and set it as your primary language.

(Bertrand Morin) #32

I had been using El Capitan for a long time on my «old» iMac. After an upgrade (?) the problems appeared. Maybe MacKeeper or Flash were infested or the site from which the upgrades came. now, I do strongly suspect a virus or some junk along the way. It seems that it got worse as I tried to correct the matter. You are giving me the correct directions. I will erase the disk or get a new one and go from ther we.ith a new installation of El Capitan, in French!
Thanks for the reply, a useful one!

(Al Varnell) #33

If it were me, I would simply download and run Malwarebytes (free) before doing any of that.

And there is no such thing as a French version of macOS. All installations are identical. To get Canadian French, just use System Preferences to select the language you prefer.


(Bertrand Morin) #34

I just downloaded Malwarebytes and it is presently running. Since the problems strted, my iMac has also slowed down. I will see in the coming days what to do. Thanks for the suggestion.

(Bertrand Morin) #35

I am sorry for the delay in responding to your suggestion.

This was done a few time, Re-installation of El Capitan and Updates did nothing. An « Installe r» version of El Capitan was done after the hard disk was erased/formatted, and Time Machine Installation of the System did not lead to a solution. Apple could not help me. Safari shows up in the list of Upgrades as 11.1.2, the latest.

Hence, « the terminal action » is that my by-default browser is now Firefox.

Foe me, it ends the story!