Apple podcast gone off the deep end?

Ever since I have moved from my venerable Intel iMac to a new M1 iMac, I’ve been cursing Podcast. First, it refused to recognize my paid feed to a podcast I have been subscribing to for years. It simply tells me it can’t find the server. Safari does… Then there’s the problem with feeds no longer updating properly. But what really raises my temperature is the mania for Podcast suddenly becoming the active app, and displaying “can’t connect right now”. I know it can’t connect ever if I choose “Browse”. I have no idea why this is the case and it frustrates me.

Getting this off my chest added years to my longevity :slight_smile:

Fortunately, you don’t have to use Apple’s Podcasts app if you don’t like it. I got ticked off about Podcasts (for a different reason) a few months ago and started this discussion to look for an alternative app:

I ultimately settled on the following two apps:

Other people have recommended other apps. I recommend you read through the entire thread and try out anything that looks interesting.

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Thank you! Maybe some the Boeing 737 Max software team move to Apple? :slight_smile: