Apple Magic Trackpad 2 tips

So my doc says one way to relieve my neck pain is to stop looking down at my M1 MacBook Air and start looking up. To do that, I’ve adopted an external monitor, a Bluetooth keyboard and an Apple Magic Trackpad 2.

For the life of me, and despite much fiddling with the system’s Trackpad settings, I can’t get this thing to behave as well—and be as responsive (or in some cases, as unresponsive, as when the trackpad inadvertently clicks when I don’t want to click)—as the MacBook’s onboard trackpad. That includes using it both in Bluetooth and USB-wired mode.

Any tips?

There was a nice discussion of the do’s and don’ts of trackpad use of Tidbits Talk several months ago.

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Lots to try here! Thanks.

Still mystified why the external pad doesn’t by default work and feel exactly as the MacBook’s internal pad; they use the same settings, right?

What’s different?

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Some of those suggestions have brought me much closer to what I’d hoped to achieve. Maybe I won’t send this thing back after all!


UPDATE: Returned the Magic Trackpad 2—which, improbably, proved frustratingly less responsive than the MacBook’s onboard trackpad—and resurrected Kensington Expert Mouse Pro trackball, with two fine pieces of software:

Smooze Pro (which lets the trackball duplicate the trackpad’s two-fingered scrolling) and Steermouse (which lets me assign lots of functions to all those buttons).

This all has made me much happier.