Apple Expected to Announce New iPhones and Apple Watch on September 12th

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In an announcement that surprised no one, Apple has scheduled a special event for 12 September 2018. At it, we expect the company to throw back the curtains on new iPhone and Apple Watch hardware and give a release date for iOS 12.

Well at this point the probability of us seeing an iPhone SE successor at this event are almost sub-zero. I do wonder though if Apple will stop selling it altogether after the launch of the 2018 iPhones.

If so, I’ll probably have to go snatch one up to replace my 6. It’s just too darn big, and the X, which will then be the “small” iPhone, is even larger. I simply refuse to buy any new iPhone if it’s the size of a cutting board. Screw that.

If Apple indeed stops selling the SE, what’s the best bet on where to snatch up a factory-sealed 128GB unlocked model? Ideally, not one of the carrier stores. In my experience they’re all pretty annoying from a customer service POV. Amazon has a lot of offers, but there’s also quite a few that seem rather shady. Newegg doesn’t seem to have any.

Personally I would just buy a new one from the Apple store and grab AppleCare for the extra $99

Sure. But what I was getting at is that if Apple stops selling a model, you’ll no longer be able to get it at the Apple store. Where do you go then?

Buy it the day before the big event and return it within 14 days if they do not cancel the iPhoneSE or replace it with something that you like.

Anything else is a lottery… .cf recent posts on where iPhone repair parts come from. It is what the folk I know who want to be sure they have continuity are going to do, but it was ever thus :slight_smile: .cf Mac Mini with 4x i7 processors, AirPorts etc.

Of course we are making assumptions around the Apple rumour mill so it may never happen.

If you think of the SE as a phone with a 4” display, you are probably right. If you think of the SE as the relatively inexpensive phone that used a mix of components from an older phone (the 5s, including older FaceTime camera and Touch ID sensor) and a newer phone (the 6s and it’s A9 processor), then I think the the rumored 6.1” LCD display phone could be the successor to the SE, maybe even with the A11 rather than this year’s A12.

As for the current SE and availability, I could be mistaken, but I believe that Apple will keep selling it after the announcement date, at least until the new phones hit the stores. I’d say that you should still have time. (I may be joining you as my wife is still using a 5c and does not want to buy anything bigger, and we’re traveling next week, and we may never see another small phone with iOS updates again after the SE.)

Don’t totally despair just yet. What I’ve been reading, I’ll give it a 50-50%.

CNN is pretty reliable, but so are the naysayers.

Excellent point. That sounds like a good way forward. If they announce the smallest phone left will be the X (or the 8), I should still have a few days to pick up an SE before the new lineup starts selling at stores.


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Sometimes they will have some still in stock at Verizon, T-Mobile or other stores.

T-Mobile (I think) is giving away an SE with the purchase of any other iPhone.

I got my SE for $50 when it was first released, I’d love to get a second for that price.


My main issue will be if there is no phone with a audio jack. I still use a 6s because I can plug it into my friends stereos for parties and also cars for the journey, which don’t all have Bluetooth in the UK.

My iPhone 7 and I believe all iPhones since have shipped with a lightning adapter to audio jack.

All iPhones still come with a Lightning->Headphone Jack adapter in the box. Carry it in your wallet or pocket for these situations. If you need more, they are available for £9 (or $9 in the USA). I carry one in my pocket and also have one packed in the case with my noise cancelling headphones.

I simply dont want to have to carry another widget around with me, it is an inconvenience I don’t need. I really don’t know why Apple did away with the audio jack, the electronics and the space are still there for it in the iPhone 7 case and presumably the 8 could fit it to. Seems like design over usefulness to me.

I’m pretty sure I read it was for water resistance.

Does that mean you can’t charge it if you are using the adapter? Two of my cars don’t have BT and I have the phone charging for all but small local trips.


The iPhones 8 and iPhone X can be charged with a Qi wireless charger, and you can get a car Qi charger for a use case like this. Presumably this year’s phones will offer Qi charging as well. There are also third party adapters that allow this with the lightning port - Belkin makes one, I believe.

There is at least one third-party adapter that plugs into the Lightning port and provides a Lightning port for charing and an audio jack. And there is at least one adapter that provides two Lightning ports, one for charge and the other for general use and you can then use a Lightning to audio port adapter.

I’m still on an iPhone 6 because I can’t justify the cost of a replacement, especially after upgrading iOS 11 improved performance and a new battery was only $30. I installed my own BT radio in my car, wasn’t hard, not too expensive and greatly improved driving, but my previous radio lacked any input. I don’t know if this will work for you but you could leave a Lightning to audio adapter plugged into your car’s radio, or in the glove compartment all of the time. I leave a USB to Lightning cable in my radio all of the time as a convenience and a charger and another Lightning cable in the glove compartment for passenger use.

Well, it has finally happened. It’s cutting boards for everybody or screw you.

So I am trying to get my hands on an SE. Apple doesn’t have anything SE on their online store anymore AFAICT. So would I actually have to go to the store and hope they still have one in a shelf? If I’d want a SIM-free black one with >64 GB (not sure if that means 128 or 256), what are the chances I can still get my hands on that?