Apple Expected to Announce New iPhones and Apple Watch on September 12th

You’ll just have to go to see (I suspect Apple has pulled them and will use remaining inventory for warranty replacement), or go to your carrier’s store ASAP and see what they have. If I beat you to it, I’ll let you know if there are any SE phones available in my store.

My wife is trying to decide between the SE and the 7 (or 8). She wants to try them in store first. We should be doing this soon. (I’m trying to talk her into 4.6”. She’s already got text size dialed way up and it’s showing so little info at a time on the 4” display. But her concern is purse size and will the phone fit in the smallest one she uses.)

If there ends up being no replacement, I’m going to be forced to get something else when my SE dies. :frowning: Hopefully someone has something that can do music, phone and maps in a reasonable size and price.


I’d be getting a SIM free version paid in full so carrier stores are out of the question. If Apple is no longer selling them in their stores I wonder if you could get lucky at a place like Target. In hindsight I should have just ordered it before the announcement as I could have always returned it within 14 days as suggested by @fearghas). But I was simply too busy these last two weeks and now it feels like the train has left the station. Bummer.

I was just in an Apple Store close to you (Walnut Creek, CA) and saw SE’s on display with all three back colors. I asked and was told they will be available for sale until they run out. However, I didn’t get an estimate as to how long that might be.

By the way, referring to the X as a cutting board was funny once, but saying it repeatedly does an injustice to cutting boards–no cutting board is that narrow and few are that thin.

Thanks! Nice, was thinking of going to Walnut Creek anyway. The Apple store in Berkeley apparently already ran out. They had a lot of people come in to snatch up their last SE models.