Apple Announces “Peek Performance” Event for 8 March 2022

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Apple has announced an event for early next week. Rumors point toward the release of a new iPhone SE, iPad Air, and at least one Apple silicon Mac.


Fingers crossed that I can order my new big iMac. Judging by the rumor mill, though, I’m not getting my hopes up. My 2015 27-inch iMac running Mojave is getting long in the tooth. I’ve been holding off on updating the OS waiting for a replacement.

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“Peek”. Perhaps an introduction to the long-rumored coming AR/VR glasses/headset/device? (Not the device itself: that I would think will come later. Just a first introduction to what’s coming, with more OS and development details at WWDC?)

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Greg Joswiak posted a little teaser on Twitter, this a first?

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It’s official. Apple Events - Apple

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No, he’s been doing that for a while. At least since he took over from Phil Schiller.

I sort of love how Apple marketing just openly embraces the dad jokes.


Yet to scale the heights of Microsoft back in the day on that front.


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I see if you :heart: the Apple tweet announcement, they’ll auto Reply to you and send updates. Have not come across that facility before,

You beat me to it. “Peek” is a clue.
There are interesting possibilities beyond virtually flying through a panorama from a rover on Mars.
A VR/AR device could be a virtual 4K (5K?) display - good for a small desktop footprint.
Other companies have headsets that have limitations on resolution and update rate. Apple could do better.

I’ll be highly surprised if Apple announces (especially pre-announces) an AR/VR device. But if it means I can play Beat Saber without logging in to Facebook or buying a gaming PC I’m all in!

I’m not sure that they will, either. But a new product like this must go through regulatory approval stages where Apple can no longer hide the fact that a new device is coming, so, like iPhone and Apple Watch, if a wearable AR or VR device is coming, I suspect that Apple will pre-announce it a few months before it’s available.

Honestly, it’s probably more likely a WWDC announcement, though, as I think about it more.

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I think the primary focus will be on moving people to Apple silicon stuff and selling new hardware products that will land on the shelves in the near term. Like Doug mentioned, a VR/AR headset is clearly not ready to dash out of the starting gate. They will probably drop some not so subtle hints about the VR/AR future, like they have been doing in recent events, but that’ll probably be it. The focus will be on selling what stuff will be available in the here and now.

In order for a product like a VR/AR headset to be successful, developers must be ready to launch a lot of stuff out of the starting gate. This is what what Steve Jobs did with iPod and iPhone, and Tim Cook did with Watch.

I’ll bet the farm that during the next WWWDC Apple will be stressing VR/AR more than it has done so far. There will probably be more demos, and maybe a hint about a release date for one or more headsets.

Looks like we’ll definitely see an update to at least one 13" portables. The M2 has appeared. As previously rumored, it’s got 4E+4P cores and 10 GPU cores.

The “peek” likely references the new display Apple is about to launch.

Kuo says no iMac Pro or Mac Pro this year at all. :astonished: Wonder if that also excludes any previews at WWDC or later in the year.

The rumors seem to be disagreeing about the 27" iMac to launch this year. I wonder if what could launch this year is just the 27" display, with the actual iMac Pro to launch in 2023. Exciting times ahead. :slight_smile:

I’d be fine with a Mac Mini and 27” monitor instead of a 27” iMac as long as the monitor isn’t $3k.

Oh sure. Mac mini with M1 Max and a 5K 27" display would for me always be more attractive than an iMac. Never liked the idea that a great screen would be fused to the computer forever.

The monitor is rumored to come in around $2500 so well below $3k. :laughing:

My bet is we will see any 5k 27” monitor just under 1500. Like a buck under…

And I’ll be looking to get two of them.

At that price, I’d probably be getting 4. Good for my balance sheet that won’t happen. :wink:

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