Lack of user feedback in macOS operations

I was just to push the “add to cart” on a 14" M1 MacbookPro but I can wait another week. But one thing I want to ask of Mac folks: Are any of you that do update for more than yourself, getting tired of the “uninformative” white line fever? Seriously, I feel like Apple is dumbing me down like some “oh, you don’t need to know what its doing”. I have a Monterey mac doing the latest patch (12.1.2?) and it hung at midway for more than 24 hours! I now have to spend an incredibly stressful time (masked too) with the user, to resolve why this is happening. No clue from Mac OS. No logs. No verbose installer mode. Worse, you can’t get updates unless through the Mac itself (no separate Monterey patch… only the PC Migration for Monterey is last update to download).

So you can see why I need to get a new Mac, as the users (2015 MacbookPro 13") is long in the tooth and every upgrade is like a 50/50 that it will work… or white line fever.

Lack of user feedback is a broader problem with Apple these days. And it’s not just installers/updaters. The way they screwed with logging, making it almost impossible for non-geeks without fancy 3rd party tools to make heads or tails of the new unified log is another exhibit. Finally, the lack of good documentation for certain parts of the OS (I should be linking to Howard Oakley’s gripes here) is also an issue, perhaps more related to devs, but it’s another instance of leaving people in the dark, who you actually should be striving to keep in the know. They say pride goeth before a fall. And I don’t want Apple to fall.

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