Anyone else tired of video performance numbers for Apple Silicon?

Count me among those who have no interest in the new Macs’ video editing capabilities.

I’m also among those who will not buy an iMac. I hate the concept. I want to choose my monitor and to be able to use it with several Macs. The current monitor is a wide gamut, 16:10 Eizo, attached to a KVM in my very small workspace.

I think this argument is silly quite frankly, as it’s circular of course: those who need other ports complain about the USB-C’s, while those who need the USB-C’s complain about legacy ports – instead of C’s that can be simply converted to anything when needed.

The very obvious reason they chose to use USB-C ports, is because they can be used for almost ANYTHING by use of simple affordable $20 adapters. Versus the alternative mentioned above; one (typically legacy) port that does one thing and cannot be converted to do other things. It’s also got nothing to do with ‘bill of materials’ either, as USB-C’s cost more than vanilla Ethernet. So that’s irrelevant.

I know I certainly prefer the latter, as an owner of both two LG 5K’s and two Studio Displays, as I can convert to anything I require rather than being stuck with things I cannot convert. The USB-C’s can be used for faster Ethernet for example (2.5/5/10Gb), rather than being stuck on a fixed slower standard 1GbE.

I always wonder why such a high-end monitor company like Eizo have never done any hi-dpi models?
No 5K (nevermind 6K/8K).

Jimthing, you make a very good point here. The flexibility of a USB-C/Thunderbolt 3/4 port that can be anything with the correct dongle makes sense. I’m still gonna be salty about always having to carry around a dongle bouquet (or constantly supplying my users more dongles as they lose the ones I gave them… :expressionless: )

Sure, I’ll concede that losing adapters is a problem for some users. ;-)

I’m still madly and totally in love with my ancient MacBook Pro’s high resolution Retina Display. But I was working full time when I bought it because I needed it. The Retina handled colors beautifully, And it also worked beautifully when brightness needed a lot of adjustment.

The Retina Display still lives on in iPhones:

I think the problem is that the market for super powered displays in desktops and portables is a mostly a very tiny market of professionals, and Eizo would be competing with the well received Apple Pro XDR.

Eizo 4K is available, and they will probably get into that 5+K market eventually, if there is a demand. I’m more concerned with losing the aspect ratio I prefer. I doubt anyone will make a 16:10 5K or even 4K monitor, but if someone did make one, I suspect it would be way beyond what I’d feel comfortable paying.

Eizo 2740

Well, I don’t know about this $2500 iMac. My final iMac was a 2019 core i5 with 16 GB of Ram, a 1TB SSD and the top end Radeon of the time. Not exactly maxed out, but it still cost over $4K. My 2022 13 inch Macbook Air with the 10 core GPU also has a 1TB SSD, and 16 GB of RAM, is way, way faster than the iMac, and came in at about $1700, Add $1500 for a studio display (which I didn’t bother with), and it’s still roughly $500 cheaper than that iMac. Yeah, not as many ports, but at least they’re where I can get at them. I’m not without sympathy for all the positions taken here, especially amongst the pro users who make their living on these machines, but from my perspective, Apple’s glass is still half full rather than half empty.

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