Age and location of TidBITS Talkers?

(Alan Ralph) #41

50, UK. I’m a graphic designer primarily these days, but in the past I’ve done web design and print pre-press, and in the long past I was a software developer. (Turbo Pascal, x86 Assembler.) I’ve been using Macs professionally since 2004, and been a Mac owner since 2012.

(Dana E. Stevens) #42

68, near Asheville NC. Retired. 20 years US Air Force then civilian pilot until retirement. Started with an Apple IIc in 1984 I believe. Can’t recall how long I’ve been following TidBITS but know that it has been quite a few years.

(Bernd Albrecht) #43

Tommy Weir, what a nice idea, thanks for that!

Myself, I’m a native Berliner (Germany), making a living as a DJ in the 70’s and continuing as music programmer for various PBR stations in Berlin.

Now, at 66, dividing time between Berlin in Winter and southeast of France in Summer.

At the time of writing this, I am in London, enjoing the pre-christmas days with my beloved wife.

Remember Carnaby Street?

(Richard Rettke) #44

Yes, I bought a nice suit and ties on Carnaby Street back in 69’.

(Barbara Murray) #45

80 yrs. Cannot remember but it was long ago I started with Tidbits. I live in Alaska and recently also in Virgin Islands.

Am a botanist, now slowed down, specializing is mosses and lichens. I love to keep up with computers.

(Tommy Weir) #46

Is that the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody in lights? Lol.

(Bernd Albrecht) #47

Yes, those are the lyrics.

(Jeremy Roussak) #48

I’ll join in. I’m 59, a barrister in Manchester, UK. I’ve been using Macs since 1985. I used to write software (Apollo was quite popular for a while). I now use computers for photography, when I’m not at work.



I attended the Rolling Stones’ first NYC performance at the Academy Of Music back in 64. My friends and I were able to get third row center seats the day of the performance. I had saved up my babysitting and allowance money for this.


I bought a beautiful mini dress on Carnaby Street in July 1969, and a few days later I attended the Rolling Stones’ free concert in Hyde Park the day after Brian Jones died.

(David Bogart) #51

I’ll be 76 in January, live in Toronto. Work life was in provincial public sector - ending with Ministry of Health. After short early retirement hiatus, re-engaged with arms’ length agencies funded by province, providing funding first for research infrastructure at Ontario universities and research hospitals, and finally for brain research, via a province-wide, multidisciplinary, multi institutional team approach, incorporating a requirement to share data among the over 40 institutions, and ~250 researchers.

Mac user since 1986. First one was a dual floppy MacSE. Got online with a 300 baud Apple modem, on an extra landline that my then employer paid for. (They were installing a DEC WPS+ email system, and as a member of the IT executive team, was able to get home access as a pilot project.) Was first Mac user on the DEC system, having to run MAC240 software to emulate a DEC client.

Subsequent machines included 2 used SE30s for daughters at university; an LC575 was the first colour Mac, later upgraded with a PowerPC card. In spite of Windows bias at work, was able to use Mac IIci, Mac IIsi, Quadra 640, PowerBook 140, 520, Cube, iMac SE/DV, Power Mac G4, G5; Intel iMacs 20”, 24” 27”. Now running 2104 Mini with an Apple 27” display, a 9.7” iPad Pro, an iPhone 8+ and supporting my wife’s 2014 MBA, iPad Mini, and iPhone 8+. An Apple Watch 3 appeared under the Christmas tree last year.

CompuServe forums were an early source of tech help - by that time over a 56K modem, but I do remember buying the Internet Starter Kit - a printed book, imagine that! As others have written, I think I did encounter the HyperCard version of TidBITS.

(Carol Weaver) #52

I’m 72 and live in Cornwall in England. I only found Tidbits when having been a trainer on varitypers to IBM’s in the Middle East on Windows. I finally changed to a MAC in 2010.

Have never ever regretted it and have got several elderly friends converted too


(Neil Laubenthal) #53

64, retired from the USN and follow on jobs in the Sysadmin business for Intelligence folks in the DoD. Live full time in a 5th wheel RV…parked in Fort Myers FL from November to April and on the road May to October…49 states and 10 provinces in the RV in the 7 years we’ve been on the road.

Mac owner since about 1989, and both an Apple ][C and ][GS before that…Mac user at work since 1986 or so.

Been a Tidbits reader since we got our Apple ][C about a year after it was introduced…started with the Internet Starter Kit.

(Marc Z) #54

Great seeing so many active young people on this list. It gives me hope for my future! :slight_smile:

Like many others I discovered TidBITS via Adam’s Internet Starter Kit back in the early 90s. No idea how long I’ve been on the mailing list, but it’s at least since the mid-90s.

I just turned 51 and live in the Pacific Northwest (in beautiful wine country an hour south of Portland). I’m self-employed. I’ve done graphic design, pre-press, and writing, all on the Mac since 1989, but for the last 16 years I’ve produced a (digital) magazine for software developers that use Xojo. Xojo used to be called REALbasic back in the 90s when I first heard about it… via an article by Matt Neuberg in a publication called TidBITS. So I really have TidBITS to thank for my current career! :smile:

I originally used REALbasic to write little software utilities to help me with my graphic design work, and then I wrote a “non-linear” word processor called Z-Write to help my novel writing. It was popular in its day (now programs like Scrivener have that market), and then in 2002 I started the magazine to help other developers learn to program. The magazine takes up most of my time so I haven’t done as much programming or writing as I’d like, but I did finish two novels during the last decade. (I suck at marketing so I haven’t promoted them, but one is available on Amazon.)

(Guy Plunkett III) #55

Turned 65 a couple of months ago; living in Wisconsin since 1989. I subscribed to TidBits (quickly checking my Eudora archives) on July 25, 1995. Before that I was a semi-regular reader via UseNet.

(David) #56

I used to live near Corvallis – about 40 years ago. I worked for the Oregon Ag Experiment Station (soil fertility), and did some work on the then-nascent wine industry in the Willamette Valley. You must be near McMinnville?

I still have many friends from my Oregon (and Warshington – San Juan Islands) days.

(Marc Z) #57

Yup! They’re building a brand new 50-acre winery right next to me. I hope to have beautiful vineyard views when it’s done.

(pbinderup) #58

44 year old Dane her, living in Aarhus Denmark. I work as an Enterprise Architect for municipality.

I have been using Macs for the last 15 years or so, and have been programming quite a bit in Python over the years - I still maintain a few Python based applications in our organisation.

I use Macs both at home and at work, and use an iPad Pro on the go.

(Jim McHale) #59

62 in southern NH. Been reading TidBits I think since shortly after it came out. Been a mac user from the earliest days, and still have a mac+ in the basement, though it doesnt work…
My mother was big into genealogy on a mac and would ask me about this or that program she heard about in Tidbits or the bcs (boston computer society) newsletter… As I recall thats how she got into BBEdit when it came out…

(Jim Carr) #60

Age 65, retired, Costa Mesa, California.

Started with a 1983 KayPro II. Bought a Mac IIci in 1990 because we used
Macs (and dumb terminals) in graphics department at Los Angeles Times.

Currently using 2013 MacPro. Also have iPhone and iPad. My wife has an iMac.