Age and location of TidBITS Talkers?

(Tommy Weir) #1

After a query by @frederico on another topic as to the demographics here I thought it might be of interest.

Age and Location?

I’m 57 and in the north west of Ireland. Spend a good deal of time when possible in New Paltz in New York with my wife’s family. Worked in NYC for eight years.

Others filled in more detail so… worked across the arts from Visual arts through Publishing, Theater and Film. DEC20s in College, an Amiga 2000 in 1988, a Mac SE30 in 1990 and then off to the races on all fronts Apple. An educator, filmmaker and photographer (my principal focus these days) I’ve read tidBITS since the early days. The only thing I recall from my Mindspring email address :slight_smile:

watchOS 5.1.2 Brings ECG to the Apple Watch Series 4
(frederico) #2

50-ish; Boulder, Colorado, born and raised. Lived in a few places in the immediate area; spent too may years on airplanes traveling for work. Have only been to one or two places I could be happy living permanently; my heart soars every time I return from travel and drive over Davidson Mesa and see my beloved Boulder Valley and, of course, the Flatirons.

(Adam Engst) #3

Nice idea, @tommy!

I’m 51 and living in Ithaca, NY, where I was born, grew up, and went to Cornell as an undergrad. Tonya and I then spent 10 years in Seattle from 1991 to 2001, after which we moved back.

@frederico’s pictures are gorgeous, and the scenery here is on a different scale, but since everyone already knows me and Tonya, at least in theory, and Tristan by association, here are a few photos to update your mental images. :slight_smile:


I’m really curious what the demographics is here on TidBits; are we all old enough we should all have Apple Watch? And how many of us have been reading TidBits since the early 90s? Pushing thirty years soon; crazy.

And I’m glad that Adam, Tommy and Federico have had good outcomes and are recovering well. (And I’m hissing and doing the horns sign to ward off the malocchio).

I started reading TidBITS back in the mid 90s when Adam’s Internet Starter Kit For Macs came out. If it wasn’t for that clearly explained and wonderfully helpfully guide, my husband and I might never have gotten hooked up to the internet. And I became a Talker when Adam first announced this list.

watchOS 5.1.2 Brings ECG to the Apple Watch Series 4
(frederico) #5

LOL! You’re making me miss my Zia Ninfa. I’d love to see her reaction to the tech we have today; we couldn’t get her near a keyboard and screen, even though she did learn to use a typewriter.

She would ABSOLUTELY be whispering, “Mio Dio! Santa Maria, salvaci dal malocchio!!” if an Apple Watch tapped her wrist and told her she had an abnormal heart rhythm.

(David) #6

I’m an old faht (65) compared to everyone else, so far. I live two places: an old fishing port on the coast of Massachusetts (“a small drinking town with a big fishing problem”) and on a lake in the deep woods of northern Maine (“You can’t get thayuh from heeyuh”). I spend about 50% of my time in each place.

(Richard Rettke) #7

I’m 70, born raised and live in the Great State of Wisconsin, about 20 miles south of Green Bay. Was born on the border with the UP of Michigan and decided to move south to a warmer climate (about 80 miles LOL).I spent from 1967 to 1995 actively employed in IT (Systems Software Specialist).

(Norm Loomer) #8

I’m the oldest so far—75—and living in east-central Wisconsin. I’m still hale and hearty, playing tennis three times a week, but I’ve a ways to go to catch up to my dad, who “retired” at 96. I’ve been reading TidBits and mostly lurking since the HyperCard days. Before retirement I was a math professor.

(Corlin) #9

I am 66 years old and live somewhere on Cascade Mountain Range.
in Pacific Northwest, of USA.

(Al Varnell) #10

Well I can beat that…77 and living in Mountain View, CA, for the past 20+ years. Career Army Officer (1963-1991), I/we moved 32 times before I retired in Colorado Springs. Involved with Space stuff from 1982 until they closed down the Sunnyvale Blue Cube in 2007. Wife forced me to buy a Mac SE for home use and never looked back.

(David Tuma) #11

76 living in Arlington, VA. Career Navy 65-91. Drove nuclear submarines around until behind a desk doing all the Navy’s standard computers, displays and signal processors. Started with the 128K Mac as did my mom who ran her CPA firm and my sister who has her own firm doing graphic design and advertising. When my wife retired from the Navy, I shifted her to Macs and we use them in our business. I haven’t been on Tidbits all that long but it keeps me up to date and helps with keeping our macs working. I’ve had to use both windows and Mac products - there is no question which I prefer.


(Tommy Weir) #12

Impressive amount of service across all of you, I can see y’all starting a veterans group - VetBITS maybe. :slight_smile:

(Lynn Appleget) #13

I am 59, used PC’s, After I met my husband and the PC died He had me switch to Macs because that is what he used for his publishing business. That was somewhere in 1994.

I now have a data processing and web business.

I have been reading Tidbits since I could get on the internet - It was recommended in one of the Mac Bibles I think.

I live in Western NC in a small town.

(Tom Gewecke) #14

I’m almost 75 and divide the year between AZ and MA. For 30 years I worked in American Embassies in Africa, Latin America, and N. Europe. My first real computer was an Apple IIc and I got to know Adam via his Internet Starter Kit (1993?).

(rgbuice) #15

I am 49 and live in TN. I learned to program on Apple II’s. My Dad got me the very first mac a couple of month after is was release (although I begged for a Iic). I have been on Tidbits at least since graduate school in the very early 90s.

(Charles Bjorgen) #16

I’m two months away from turning 83 and live in the Twin Cities. Pretty much of a Midwesterner all the way being born in North Dakota, raised in Minnesota and started my first job out of college in South Dakota. Photojournalism at the University of Minnesota and staff photog for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Retired for 20 years. First Mac in 1986 with continuing updates over the years to my current 2018 MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch 3.

(Tareck Elass) #17

65, currently working in IT for a specialty chemicals manufacturer in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Worked here most of my life & plan to return to northern Virgina 1Q19. Been reading Tidbits since probably 1988/1989 when I bought my first Mac (fat Mac) 1988 while at Boeing in the Seattle area; it was setext format then.

(Seth Anderson) #18

I’m turning 50 in a couple of months, was born in Toronto, raised in Texas (mostly Austin), and have lived in Chicago for nearly 2 decades. My first Mac was a Quadra 660 A/V, and I discovered TidBITS soon after.

(Alan Forkosh) #19

I’m 69 and been a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area since moving to attend graduate school in 1971. I worked in the banking and utility industries as a programmer and systems analyst (IBM mainframe systems until the this millennium). I retired about 9 years ago. My first Mac was a used 128K Mac (upgraded to 512K) that I bought from a friend who was getting a Mac Plus. I’ve been a Tidbits subscriber since the days of the Internet Starter Kit.

The profile image on my posts is from a sketch my niece drew about 20 years ago. Here is more current picture:

(Allen Gainsford) #20

I’m 54, living in Wellington, New Zealand. Make my living as a programmer supporting several New Zealand banks.