Adobe to Bring Full-Featured Photoshop to the iPad

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Adobe has confirmed that it is working on a full-featured version of Photoshop for the iPad. Bloomberg says to expect its unveiling at the Adobe MAX conference in October 2018.

Unfortunately, Adobe’s definition of “full featured” is probably going to be very different than most professionals’ definition. But I if any of their apps can be completely ported to iOS, it’s definitely Photoshop.

So essentially a full version of Photoshop that would run on a device with an ARM processor. That could make the idea of an ARM based Mac more of a reality.

My MBP is so ancient I can’t remember how old it is. It needs to be replaced very soon, and I can’t help but assume I’m going to end up spending a lot of money for a legacy laptop that will be obsolete in a year or two. Years ago, I spent a big chunk of change on a 9600, and a few weeks later Apple announced OSX wouldn’t run on it, and I couldn’t run updated versions of Adobe CS apps on it. I did love the 9600 though.

When I see it, and if it’s really full version and it works, I’ll believe it:

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OOOOhhh, careful Adobe… you might actually make Photoshop useful - should have been the full version from the start along with Illustrator, Animate… Adobe is sooooo slow to market in digital tooling which they once owned. Have Adobe finally realised they’re no longer competitive in this arena and have lots of catching up to do. Could it all be too late? On the iPad Maybe?

I would have purchased an iPad Pro if iOS Photoshop was not the watered down chuggy mess it is today. And the other wishy / washy apps just suck… plain and simple…

Adobe - red face time - maybe you shoulda supported and nurtured that (awesome) little ugly neglected duckling APP that did everything Sketch does now and more from 6 years ago! Or better yet just buy SKETCH and rename it Fireworks 2018.