More discussion of Macs using ARM chips

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If Apple hadn’t recently put the kabosh on the idea of Macs using ARM chips.

Adobe to Bring Full-Featured Photoshop to the iPad
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I don’t recall them saying that. I think they’re developing a version of macOS for ARM just like they did when they were developing an Intel version in parallel with the PowerPC version. They would just need major software developers like Adobe and Microsoft to be on board developing their applications to run natively on ARM so when the time was right, they could unleash it to the masses.

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You may not recall them squelching the ARM rumors but that doesn’t change the fact that they did. You can think what you like about what they are developing but that doesn’t make it so. Many people have engaged in just that sort of wishful thinking; it is infectious. But until Apple actually announces something of the sort, wishful thinking is all it is.

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I’m by no means a fan of this idea to go ARM (in fact I want macOS to stay Intel), but I think you’re leaning out the window quite far on this one.

Apple to my knowledge never stated that they are not investigating macOS on ARM. They never once said we will not do macOS on ARM. Why would they? There’s no reason for them to divulge what they toy with. They have said that macOS and iOS won’t be converged and they have said no touchscreen MBP, but they have never gone into specifics about which ISA they’re playing around with. And just to play devil’s advocate, back in the day they also went on the record saying they wouldn’t do a phone, until the very moment they launched it.

Truth is we don’t know what they are tinkering with. Just as we didn’t know they were toying with running OS X on Intel until Steve pointed to the iMac in front of him at the show to a gasping crowd. Good times. :smiley:


Apple is unlikely to announce a switch to a new chip manufacturer until it’s close to ready to have everything lined up for the production lines. They’ll also have tipped off key software partners to have apps ready, so leaks to the press happen more often. That’s why you’ll see many reputable publications, such as Bloomberg, quoting “people familiar with the plans” or “reputable sources,” not just “a source:”

I’ve read about Apple’s plans to switch away from Intel’s chips to roll their own in so many respected publications, including The NY Times Re:Code, MarketWatch, etc. And if rolling their own was not in Apple’s cards, Intel would be demanding a retraction as its share price is being negatively affected:

Intel shares fall 6% after Apple said to be planning to design chips for computers in-house

And Apple would also be make statements that it wasn’t true. Neither party is squawking, so it looks like a fait accompli. I’d place a big bet on it.


This just turned up in my Apple News feed; apparently Apple isn’t the only company looking to switch from Intel:

Intel shares get downgraded by Evercore ISI due to rising competition from Nvidia, AMD