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Create new posts in this category! TidBITS Talk is a public discussion forum that focuses on issues surrounding TidBITS coverage, meaning topics about Apple and Internet technologies.

Our goal is to open a public channel of communication between TidBITS readers for the benefit of all.

It is important to us that TidBITS Talk not degenerate into yet another high volume discussion list. Discussions are restricted to topics that are in some way related to TidBITS or the world of Apple.

The following types of messages are not acceptable:

  • Spam of any sort (posting spam is grounds for removal)
  • Press releases, commercial notices, or Web site announcements
  • Questions asking if TidBITS has covered a topic (use the search engine on our Web site)
  • Questions relating to your TidBITS subscription (send email to [email protected] instead)
  • Me-too postings after a question has been answered
  • Anything else we feel is inappropriate

If you have any questions, just ask here!

cheers… –Adam