Books app crashes on launch

Any solutions to a new problem on my iPad mini (new in 2020)…after doing the most recent update the Books app crashes seconds after opening it … what steps to take to fix this?

I usually delete it and then re-install when this happens to iPad / iPhone apps.

Thank you!! I am worried that if I delete the Books app that all the pdfs I saved in the app will be gone.

Best backing up the iPad to a Mac before deleting apps, although you probably cannot restore individual (PDF) files from the backup.
Next try quitting the Books app (before trying to delete it). For my old iPad I double click on the Home button, locate the app of concern and swipe it upwards (apologies if you have already tried this).
If you can get Books working it does allow you to Share PDFs, such as sending them in emails to yourself.

iMazing can help with this.

Thank you!!…I see that iMazing works from an Apple computer …which sadly I do not have. Thanks again!

Thank you!!! Unfortunately, I do not have an Apple computer. My laptop is PC type. I was wondering where I can store my pdfs if/when I get them out of Books. Thanks again!!

iMazing is also available for PCs, Windows 7 up:

Not sure if this applies to your situation, but I had a similar problem with crashes shortly after launching Books making the app unusable. That, too, seemed to occur after an OS update (I forget which version) and there were similar reports on the Apple forums. The problem was eventually tracked down to a rogue PDF which had been in the Library for a while but was now causing problems.