1Password 8 Loss of Capabilities

The no local vaults isn’t the real issue…although I and others users prefer to do it with DropBox or iCloud to separate the password part from the sync part. The issue with it is that they’re removing a feature that users want because forcing the subscription makes them more money and they claim that the Secret Key on the server end makes it more secure…when in fact it is just a second password just like the DropBox password is a second password that needs cracking to get access. From a strictly math standpoint…they’re not lying as the really long but not as complex as it should be Secret Key results in trillions of trillions of centuries to crack as opposed to just trillions of centuries to crack DropBox and Master passwords…but in reality trillions of centuries is good enough.

Subscription or not really isn’t a major issue either…although I and others prefer they would offer both. I realize they need revenue to fix bugs and add features…but most of the features v8 adds are either aimed at enterprise clients or at reducing their costs…but we can live with that and the no native client and the no local vaults if we have to.

The no local backup is the real issue that people on their forums are disliking…not being able to have a local backup of your data that can be cloned, backed up, and restored when needed without support from their end is simply ludicrous…they originally said it would be coming in a “later release” than v8…but now their employees are saying a “later release of the beta v8”…so either they changed their minds about it, failed to communicate clearly, or are just trying to smooth the waters and hope people forget about it I don’t know…but they’re saying (albeit unofficially and not from corporate management) i5 will be in the release of v8…and that v7 will continue to work but without all the nifty keen stuff we died in v8 and won’t be maintained. If they were to state that both versions would be kept up to date with OS releases until some date in the future it would actually calm the waters more…but to me and others 5hey are clearly shifting business models to be primarily oriented at enterprise users…which is a terrible shame for a platform that started on Apple devices and would not be where they are today without the support of Apple users and it seems like a little more loyalty to long term users is in order.

At this point…I’m waiting to see what happens and gathering options just in case.

Agile provided free incremental updates for a version but not after a new major version release, when the free updates stopped. They only restarted after you purchased the new major version and only for that version. I started back in 2008 and upgraded at each major version except, IIRC, version 5 which I skipped. I did go to version 6 when it was released, and then to version 7 when it came out. However, it is NOT cost effective to pay MORE for a subscription. I don’t need a Windows or Linux version so if “more OSs supported” is a feature part of a subscription, then I’d be paying excessive fees for an unusable feature.

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Having read and considered all the arguments, I’m with fogcitynative.
At this stage of the game, I ain’t changing and learning a new password program just to save a few dollars. When I started using computers in the 1980s, enthusiasts like myself were gladly paying $300-500 for what we then called “programs” for word processing, database management, etc. and then paying it again when new versions came out. I almost feel guilty paying only 36 bucks a year for quality password protection of my entire life’s work. (Just kidddin’ about feeling guilty, Agile Bits.) I know 1PW and I trust 1PW and that’s enough for me.


I am really late to this forum. I read most of the entries. But I will add a coupla cents here.
I first encountered Dave Teare at MacWorld years ago. Great guy. I signed up and bought the use of the app (not a subscription) -I guess if there is an old school in Macs.-then I’m old school. I physically move my vault to all my 4 devices. I will not put my vaults on any external internet service. I will not move to 8- 1Password 7 works just fine for me. And I also print up a copy and store it my safe and change it when I do a back of my hard drives stored in the safe. Maybe once every 3 months. Like someone else mentioned, will use 1Password 7 till an OS breaks it.

I’ve been a 1Password user since the days of having vaults locally and then shared via DropBox and iCloud. Finally the Family license with vaults stored on 1Password servers. I have no issues with our vaults residing on their servers.

I am reserving and thoughts or decision to a different software until I have 1Password 8 running on my M1 iMac with iOS and iPadOS versions on iPhone and iPad. My wife uses only the iPadOS 1Password.

My expectation is that 1Password 8 for macOS M1 will continue to be fine for my needs after a couple of update releases. I use so many of 1Password’s capabilities for: website passwords, credit cards, protected storage for wills, contracts, licenses, etc. that it would be an exhausting evaluations of other password sharing software.

Hope 1Password 8 satisfies my needs.