1Password 8.0

Apparently, you can’t export documents stored in your vault, so it’s not a perfect solution. That said, if you’re currently using 1PW 7 and storing your vaults on AgileBits’ servers, you’ll be no worse off with 1PW 8 in this respect.

I think what some find annoying is AgileBits’ response to the inability to make a proper backup. The company’s claim is you’ll have a local copy of your data on every device you use, so that’s effectively a backup. Of course, anyone who uses IMAP for their email knows this is not a backup. If you accidentally delete an item in one place, it gets deleted everywhere. AgileBits never addresses this objection when people bring it up.

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I spent some time looking through the 1Password Mac forum this morning to see how the new version has been received. Here’s a list of some of the complaints. I haven’t actually tried 1PW 8 yet, so I haven’t verified the accuracy of each item:

  • no easy way to make a backup – export gets you close but it’s not perfect
  • no “never suggest in browser” — with 1PW 7, you could hide rarely used items. 1PW 8 shows every matching entry.
  • no integration with 3rd party software like LaunchBar
  • can’t disable autosubmit – if you autofill the login info, it’s also submitted. This behavior causes a problem with pages with captchas, for example.
  • search behavior changed – the way you looked for items before may no longer work. For example, one user used to search for “vpn” to bring up the entry for “openvpn”. That no longer works in 1PW 8.
  • quick search is a poor replacement for mini — for example, you can’t fill CC or name info using quick search.

Fwiw, 1Password subscription vaults archive anything that you delete, so it’s pretty trivial to get them back, plus edited items keep a history, which you can restore if you’ve overwritten the wrong item, for example.


Wow, thanks for that. No 1PW8 in my future for a while.

Another annoyance with p8 I haven’t seen mentioned:

For some reason, the Chrome 1p extension uses a different keyboard shortcut than safari’s, so you have to remember what browser you are in at all times. The shortcut cannot be changed to cmd-\ in the chrome extension (!!!)

With 1p7, you could download a “classic” extension that has the correct shortcut. This is no longer an option with 1p8.

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Weird - I just used Chrome for the first time since installing version 8 and Cmd-\ remains the hot key to fill the password field. (I did remove the existing 1p extension and then added in the one pointed to by the app.)

After 3 horrible days using 1Password version 8, I was able to find version 7 was still lurking in the Mac App Store, and I re-installed it.

I encountered several problems with version 8. It didn’t just become inconvenient to use 1P, it crippled my productivity. It kept making itself the active app while I was editing documents. Like, several times a minute!

I’ll stick with Version 7 for a few months. Maybe forever. They made far too many changes to the interface in a single upgrade. Using the product is very different from version 7.

Caveat Emptor

Please understand that your experience is not typical. I somewhat reluctantly began using 1Password 8 several months ago after a long history of 1Password use going back to the first version. There have been many negative comments about v8 on this forum, most about data backup and accessibility. However, I have found v8 seamless and easier to use than v7, as do members of my family. It may not be a ‘native’ Mac app, but it does work well for me. Try contacting Agilebits to sort out your glitches. They have helped me in the past. FWIW.


I tried working with them. sent several emails for different problems. Got a reply to one. The proposed fix didn’t work. No further response to that or other emails.

Fine if it works for some people, but others should know that the downside is crippling if you run into the problems I’ve encountered. I running latest MacOS.

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I sorta agree…tested out v8 twice and it works. I personally prefer v7’s working methodology better but that could be because it’s different and I would obviously adapt over time if I used it. The non native app is a minor annoyance and most people that don’t like v8 have that one down on their list of dislikes…and again most people can live with it if they have to. Forced subscription (due to the influence the VCs have on the decisions of management no matter how much lipstick management tries to put on the pig) and dropping of DropBox or local storage (because it’s too hard to make v8 work with outside storage cloud vendors, again due to money) are much higher on the list of no go’s…but the lack of any ability for the user to backup their own data and independently of 1PW the company restore that data just goes against the grain of every single security principle and every single backup principle pretty much ever. That last one will be the killer for most people that leave the platform IMO. If they fix the backup/restore problem then whether people stay with 1PW and v8 or shift to something like Enpass…which has all the same features that v7 has and v8 lacks…is a lot closer decision.

I realize that companies need to make money…and I also realize that the company owners got greedy and (a) sold part of the company to VCs no matter how they dress it up in management-speak, (b) shifted to a different business model including subscriptions and being aimed primarily at business users instead of individual users…because that’s where the money is. What I don’t like about the approach is that all of the management-speak BS is just lying to users.

People that aren’t using v8 have examined the totality of the issues and likely a lot of the things they’ve said on their site…and decided that the costs outweigh the benefits. Heck…I would consider going back to Password Wallet instead except that’s a 1 man shop and he has largely stopped supporting it with any new features, the sync is a pain, it lacks features users really require like having attachments to records, and the pain in the butt method of auto entering usernames and passwords along with him not being interested in providing browser plugins. My wife still uses it…I have a subscription that I use as one of the many backups in my family IT system…but I along with a lot of other people are not interested in v8 due to it’s issues.

A VC firm may now own 1PW, but that’s the way of the world. As I have said here before, I don’t mind paying a subscription for software that I use regularly and that needs regular updates. Having been a programmer constantly asked to update out of date software gratis, I will gladly pay for updates. Seldom used software, not so much. My $0.02.


Electron I could probably live with; haven’t bothered trying because see below.

Pay for upgrade preferred but I can reluctantly live with subscription.

No local vault under solely my control (and my responsibility) = no 1Password 8 for me.