Zoom for meetup group?

Pretty simple we have a meetup group of 300+ members and want to have virtual meetings / presentation of 100+ members with a panel of three presenters, all presenting one after the other remotely, and for Admins or helpers.

I was aware of limits of 40 minutes and 100 folks it seems like if you wanna go with that magical number we got a pony up $200 a month!

And then there’s the what type of account meeting or webinar question?

Looks like we have to get more than nine licenses to go over that magical hundred number. This is where the cost comes in! Why do we need 10 licenses but there’s only gonna be three admins?

Gotta be somewhere out there who’s done this :-) suggestions?

I don’t know what the cost was, and it was a while ago, but I did use Microsoft Teams, and it worked fine. Their Teams Free service sounds like it might be a good start, but the “free” for groups of up to 300 is for a limited time:


I used teams for my kids school meetings and it made my blood boil. Everyone needed a Microsoft account and then just sending out a link and getting to the meeting was a total b*** up! I literally has an issues every week for weeks on end. Sure if you’re at a big corporation with everyone drinking the MS kool aid I could see it working. I realize it costs $$ to scale up Zoom. But after almost a day of searching I can’t find an answer - waiting for zoom sales to call us back.