Wyze Labs Discontinues First-Generation Security Camera

Originally published at: Wyze Labs Discontinues First-Generation Security Camera - TidBITS

Wyze Labs has announced that it has discontinued its first-generation WyzeCam and is advising against using it going forward.

Thank you Josh: Of course they are warning of security issue. Making money is the name of the game. I am going to go with your recommendation. While Wyze cameras have been stable, the voice feature has never really worked.

Heads up to all Wyze Cam owners: Wyze is scaling back the free cloud video recording. They are sending emails to Wyze owners stating that as of 15 Feburary 2022, cameras will only save still snapshots in the cloud unless you sign up for Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite, the latter of which lets you name a price of $0… for now.

They have been so confusing to work with the past couple of years.

I am trying to find out from them if we would be able to add new cameras to Cam Plus Lite OR if we can save videos locally to the SD cards and still view them within the app. If these answers are no, there is no reason for me to buy a Wyze again.

And their last update broke video playback (plays at 2x speed) at night for many users.