Wyze camera problem recording playbacks

(Tori Hernandez) #1

My beloved dog was hit by a car. She died. I wanted to keep the view playback clips showing her in my Wyze camera. I go back to the date of the morning to record in the “view playback” area in my home. Wyze says that recording was “saved to album”. When I view the album, the recording shows a recording of the ceiling and NOT the video that I was recording. Has this happened to anyone? I have an SD Card. I have repeated countless times and I continue to get a video recording of my ceiling instead of showing the clip of my dog which is viewed in the recording at the time that I am recording the playback. I have left a message to Wyze support but haven’t received reply yet. I have thought of buying an SD card reader to attach to my mac. Any advice will be appreciated. I am devastated at the moment. Thank you, Tori

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(Josh Centers) #2

I’m sorry to hear about your dog. Have you contacted Wyze support? My other recommendation would be to stop recording with that camera (so you don’t overwrite the dog footage), remove the SD card, and use a card reader to pull the video off.


(Tori Hernandez) #3

Hi Josh. Thank You. Yes. I contacted them and it’s been 3 days and no response. I’m waiting for delivery of SD card reader. Should arrive today.


(poterala) #4

Sorry about your dog.

I’m a Wyze user too. Did you see the clips of your dog when viewing them through the Wyze app, but then those same clips only show the ceiling when you view the files on the SD card? I’m a bit confused. I am wondering, unfortunately, if the camera was somehow knocked to be pointing toward your ceiling rather than out what I presume is a window in your household. If so, that would explain why you’re seeing what you’re seeing.


(Tori Hernandez) #5

Hi. Thank you for your condolences. You got it right. When I playback, I got EXACTLY what I wanted - my dog China. When the clips were saved to album, there were only views of the ceiling. That is very odd to me. I have saved other clips to album with exactly the correct image.
I wonder that when I copy the SD card info to my mac if I will see videos of exactly what I want and not the ceiling. I am waiting for the SD card reader to arrive. Should be today.


(Marc Z) #6

I’m so sorry about your dog, too.

Have you played back various dates of the saved recordings? I’ve noticed weird issues with Wyze where it occasionally gets the dates mixed up, so a video that claims to be from Friday is really from Thursday, for instance.

That’s via the cloud — I haven’t tried it with an SD card. But it could explain why the videos aren’t what you expect. Hopefully when you get your card reader the videos you want will all be there!


(Jeffrey Jones) #7

Do you need a card reader? Unless your Mac is really old or really new, it should have a built-in SD card slot.


(Tori Hernandez) #8

You won’t believe what bad luck I’ve had. Last night I pulled out the SD card; it fell on the floor and after turning everything upside down didn’t find it. Exhausted from the pain of losing China and the SD card I decided to wait until this morning to look again. I found it! Thank you for letting me know about the weird issues you’ve had. I’ll let you know once I check out the SD card on my Mac.


(Tori Hernandez) #9

Thank you all for the advice. I was able to copy the files to my mac. I had an older mac which has an SD reader slot. All I needed was an adapter for the smaller card. Also, I was looking for the slot to be in the back. Ha! ha! It’s on the side.


(Josh Centers) #10

I’m glad you were able to find it. Direct storage access almost never fails. I understand your pain, my dog Marshall (who you can see in my review of the Wyzecam) was hit and killed by a truck at the beginning of the year.


(Tori Hernandez) #11

Josh. Marshall was recently killed, meaning your pain is very tender. I’m so very sorry. Yes, you know. Thank You for sharing.