Wyze Cam Pan Helps You Watch Your House for $30

(Josh Centers) #1

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2018/07/26/wyze-cam-pan-helps-you-watch-your-house-for-30/

The latest entry in the Wyze Cam line, the Wyze Cam Pan, can cover an entire 360-degree area for an absurdly low price. It’s well worth checking out if you’re looking for an interior security camera, but sadly, it doesn’t support HomeKit.

(John Burgess) #2

I bought a 2nd gen Wyze cam after your earlier article, and my opinion is that it’s not ready for prime time, yet.
Mine get more false positive motion detection alerts than real ones. I have a light on a timer (controlled by Indigo), that triggers motion every night. also lightning triggers it. Neither of these is “motion”. It isn’t bothered by the large screen TV in the middle of its view however, and that’s a good thing!

And similar to homekit, there’s no Indigo integration. I’d be happy with an email notification that I could send to a parser in Indigo so It could decide whether it’s a meaningful alert, or just me getting up from the couch to go to bed.
I’ll give them some time …

(John Burt) #3

The 2nd Gen Wyze cams are great and handy. I have two mounted outside in protected areas. An ABS mounting bracket is available on Amazon. A third cam is mobile and is currently on top of my evaporative cooler so I can look inside to make sure it is working without having to open the cooler.

Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

(Josh Centers) #4

Thanks for the kind words. I love that they’re so cheap you can use them for single-purpose tasks like that. One example they’ve shown is a lady putting a camera over her grandma’s medicine dispenser to make sure she’s taking it every day.

(Diane D) #5

These look great! How far does the V2 move? I’ve worked with an Amcrest and while it doesn’t do 360° it’s pretty close


(Paul Chernoff) #6

Mine would react to sunlight suddenly coming into the room. I’ve played with the sensitivity and it is no longer a problem. My main use is to look at cats during the day and to know when they are moving around.

(John Burgess) #7

Yeah, reducing the sensitivity helps somewhat.
But it still triggers Every. Night. when the light turns itself off.
The lightning trigger was also at night, so presumably because it was on night vision?

(Diane D) #8

That’s personally not a deal breaker. The Amcrest triggers when a light comes on too. It also triggers when a car drives by at 4am (if it catches the headlights) and I’d assume it would do the same if someone had a flashlight while trying to break in!


(Paul Cone) #9

I bought a 2nd gen Wyze Cam a few months ago and it generally works great for keeping an eye on my greenhouse. I had to dial back the motion sensing because the wind would occasional set it off, so I agree it was pretty sensitive out of the box. Also the statement that there’s no way to buld an automation to detect when you leave the house isn’t accurate. You can easily set up a trigger with IFTTT that will turn motion sensing on when you leave a perimeter around your house of a few hundred feet (though I wish I could set the distance to be less than that).


(Peter Boag) #10

Any idea about the amount of data likely sent by each cam over internet daily or weekly under default settings for typical household. Just ballpark, as we have have rather slow rural internet with 30gb monthly data cap.

(Josh Centers) #11

In HD mode, my camera bounces between 50-200 KB/s. In SD mode, it’s closer to 50-100 KB/s. Either way, it’s probably more data than you’d care to use. (I would blow through that cap SO fast.)

(Dave Watts) #12

Looked the cam up on Amazon UK. £70 ($93).

I’ll wait.

(Diane D) #13

Is it just me, or were they on sale last weekend? I swear they were $10 off - regular price was there but crossed off with the lesser price next to it.