WSJ: Foxconn may make iPhones in India - MarketWatch


This could mean a glimmer of hope for For at least one smaller sized, SE type, lower than atmospherically priced new iPhone models, which Apple might decide to market across the globe. But I doubt if anything remotely resembling bottom feeder prices will happen anywhere.

(Simon) #2

Interesting story. Like you, I don’t believe this necessarily means there’s an SE-sized successor coming, but there is always hope. :wink:

Most people I hear wishing for an SE update, aren’t especially interested in low price (Apple’s selling a $449 iPhone 7 for that right now), but rather its compact size that allows people to use an iPhone with just one hand and stuff it into small pockets or purses.

What I don’t get is why Apple appears to believe there’s not enough money to be made there. If people are willing to shell out $549 for a 128 GB iPhone 7, how could Apple not make money off a smaller sized SE2? Give it a modern A* CPU with 3GB of RAM, keep the memory limited to 32/128GB options, and use decent but single-lens cameras. If the screen covers the entire face (like on the XR), it will offer as much screen as the iPhone 7 (slightly more actually), but it will still fit in the svelte and timeless (not to mention robust) SE case.

That little phone would offer enticing specs for anybody who doesn’t need a huge screen (video consumption) or the best cameras - both things that younger buyers rely on most. Incidentally those buyers that are already now drawn to the most expensive XS and XS Max so there’s not likely to be any downsell. Such an SE2 could certainly ask for a price above the current 7/8 and below the current XR, i.e. between $449 and $749 - plenty of room there. I really don’t understand how Apple could not make money there. Note, they’re still producing the SE to this date (Indian market) so even parts/tooling are still available which is likely also what they’re exploiting by still selling the 7/8 right now.

(Diane D) #3

HEY!!! Bite your tongue on that money thing, will ya?

Not expensive, please! (yes, i consider $500 expensive for what is essentially a consumable object. Hell, my tires last longer than my phones, and I really stretch my phones out as it is)


(Simon) #4

Don’t get me wrong, Diane. I don’t mind Apple offering less expensive iPhones. I think keeping around a $449 128GB refurb iPhone 7 is at least a step in that direction.

But I think if Apple should invest R&D into a smaller phone and try to keep it attractive in terms of CPU and memory, one cannot expect it will turn out to be a budget phone. They could have kept the old SE around to do just that (like the $249 32GB clearance SE they just had), but obviously they don’t seem to interested in doing that.

(Diane D) #5

I know, those seemed to sell well. I don’t know what I’m going to do when my SE dies if they haven’t come out with (what I consider) a decent sized replacement.


(Simon) #6

I hear you. My wife’s in exactly the same boat. And I’m definitely not going to replace my too large 6 with an even larger XR/S. I just hope there’s enough people in the market for below cutting board size phones to at some point get Apple’s attention.

(Steve Johgart) #7

I rather suspect that Apple has a whole section of the spaceship devoted to market analysis. Just anecdotally, when observing folks using cellphones, the vast majority (of all brands) appear to be the size of the iPhone 7 or larger. I’ve even seen a fair number that make my XS Max look compact.

(Diane D) #8

I would think that in part, the fact that the SE is over 2 years old and would not appeal to those upgrading yearly?

This is an interesting article.