Wi-Fi Woes on M1 MacBook Air

I have a one year old Apple Silicon MBA (M1, 2020, 16GB RAM and currently on 12.2) and it has started having some wi-fi issues. Every few days, it tells me my internet connection has died. The wi-fi icon in the menubar has an exclamation mark on it, and the drop down menu says there is no internet connection. I restart my DSL router (by unplugging it, as it refuses to connect to the router’s webpage) but nothing changes. Then I remember to check another device and find it is connected to the internet without any issue. So I groan and restart the MBA, and everything works again.
This has only happened with macOS 12, but it has happened with all versions so far. My older Macs, iPhones and iPads have no problems. Is this a fault with Monterey, or is it an Apple Silicon thing?

How old is the router? You say you have a DSL connection which makes me think you have a rather old setup and may have the original router. I finally retired my Apple Airport Router setup for a TP Link Deco Mesh router system and my WiFi issues disappeared.

By the way, T-Mobile has been implementing their 5G midband system up and around the country. If you can get it at home, you could have anywhere between 150Mbps to 400Mbps speed vs your current 3.5Mbps speed. T-Mobile Home Internet is $50 per month. There’s no phone or cable service, but you can easily scrounge it yourself.

It might be worth looking into. And, T-Mobile gives you a brand new 5G WIFI 6 mesh router with it.

Living in rural Canada, so not an option. Will be moving house in a couple of months, and various cable companies will be available there.

Sounds like a computer problem to me (hardware or software, I don’t know). I’ve had similar problems with my M1 MBA a couple of times, but thankfully it stopped.