Why is Brave app on silicon Mac listed as iOS?

Just curious.

I was following step 4 from https://tidbits.com/2024/03/18/follow-these-steps-to-clear-space-on-your-mac/ just ‘to be nosey’ - I have no space issue.

I was surprised to see that the Brave app on my silicon MacBook Pro lists its kind as iOS. (see attached pic)
Why Brave app is iOS

Any ideas why?


      • Fred

Is it possible you’ve installed the mobile version of Brave?

I don’t know how i would have done that (installed the iOS version).

I installed Brave after reading about it in a Tidbits article some time ago - something I do on the MBP for its large screen vs reading on the iPhone small screen. I assume downloading the iOS version was not an option - let alone it’s been working as my primary browser since then.

‘About Brave’ from the Brave menu says (see pic)

Opera also shows up as an iOS app on my M1 MacBook Air (Sonoma).

I wonder if perhaps the Silicon versions of these apps are universal for ARM (i.e., the same package on iOS/iPadOS/macOS). Since one of the promoted advantages of Silicon is the ability to run iOS/iPadOS apps, it might make sense in some cases to make apps that use one build for all Apple ARM systems. Then they only have to compile a separate version for the Intel Macs that are still in use.

Edit: I can’t check any of this on my system, because I’m still on Intel (2019 MBP 16"). So I’m just speculating.

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There was a similar case reported on GitHub a few years ago. It was marked as fixed, but maybe it’s back.

Out of curiosity (good thing I’m not a cat) the only apps that show as Kind = iOS on my M1 computer are those where I have specifically installed the iOS version, such as LumaFusion.

There was only one time that I wanted to install an iOS (actually iPadOS, if I recall correctly) on my M1 Mac, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it (and it wasn’t important) and I forgot about it. Any pointers on how to get an iOS app on a Mac? Thanks.

Not all iOS/iPadOS applications are supported on Apple Silicon Macs, but the way to install them is the same way that you would on iPhone/iPad - open the App Store and search for the app.

If you are using the app already on your Apple ID on an iPad or iPhone, you can click your icon bottom-left on the sidebar of the App Store app on MacOS and it will show you all the apps that you have installed, with a way to choose between “Mac Apps” and “iPhone and iPad Apps” at the top-left.

Thanks, @ddmiller.

Maybe that’s why I couldn’t find the app I wanted to install.

It’s just like you said! (Now if I can only remember these instructions the next time I want to install an iOS app…)

Interesting. The version on my Apple Silicon machine machine is 123.1.6 4.109, and it reports as iOS as well — though five minutes ago, it reported as Universal.