Why I Love Quick Notes!

I am loving Quick Notes functionality on iMac and especially on iPad. For a long time I’ve been wanting a way to easily take notes while reading Kindle (and other) books on my iPad. Using the Kindle app’s own note taking is awful. With Quick Notes, I just do the swipe slowly from the bottom left hand corner of the screen and start writing a note — I use Apple Pencil but you can write with your finger or use the keyboard. If I’m using iBooks, Quick Notes offers an ‘add link’ option, which is great as it lets me go back to the book and place starting from the Quick Note itself, rather than from iBooks. I haven’t found this link functionality with other apps (e.g. Kindle), and it would be a great thing to include.

In Safari, on my iPad I couldn’t get the Quick Note to appear by pulling up from the lower right hand corner (wonder if I’m doing something wrong there?), but I added Quick Note to the control centre and that works fine. Links are offered if you’re making a note from a site/page on Safari, too, which is also great. On iPhone, it’s not so good. Again, you need to get a note via the control centre, but it’s not Quick Notes, simply Notes. Better than nothing.

Anyway, I’m mostly going to use this for reading and note taking in Kindle books, but as I get used to it, I can see Quick Notes becoming a functionality I use all the time. I’d love to hear about things I’ve missed or other ways people are using Quick Notes.

I’ve been using it to note tweets that I want to come back to read later. Tweetbot does allow you to add a link to return to the tweet in the quick note composer.

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Ahhh, I don’t use Twitter. (You are a brave soul.)