Why does Zoom always have to open Safari before joining a meeting?

I spend a lot of time on Zoom still, and am increasingly annoyed that it continues to require a side trip to Safari to authorize opening the app when clicking on a Zoom link in my calendar. Is there a way around that behavior?

If the meeting ID and password are also in your calendar (for example, in the Zoom/BusyCal integration, Zoom will include the full invitation in the notes for that event), you could simply copy meeting ID and password into the “Join” dialog in the Zoom client. That will join the meeting directly.

I think the issue has to do with a Zoom URL handler not existing. The link has an HTTPS: handler, so it has to take that side trip through Safari, and the Zoom website bounces you back to the client.

Others with more knowledge of these things will chime in; that’s just my guess.