Why can't Photos share to YouTube?

Hi Folks!

This question is as old as the hills.

But good ol’ iPhoto used to let us share pix and vids to all kinds of cool web destinations that are no longer options under Photos. YouTube is conspicuously missing. You can’t take a simple video and share it to your YouTube account without exporting to a file and then importing the file. Drag and drop often threatens to reduce quality, so I don’t use that unless quality matters less than convenience. And drag and drop is not pleasant on iPhone, so forget that.

Am I missing something here? At first we said we expected feature parity in Photos would be inferior to iPhoto, but that the gap would close over time. But that was a lifetime ago. I did a fresh search on the Net, and I feel like I’m in some alternate reality where there’s not millions of people complaining about this. Did YouTube block the APIs that would permit this? It’s not like doing it the slow way is fully automated anyway: YouTube still makes you edit the draft, specify the audience, etc. But at least the uploads can be done in bulk. So then why not directly from the Photos app? Why do the files have to pass through Export/Import?

I spent years asking a similar question about not being able to share my photo library with my wife, and Ventura finally proved it was possible, my use case was legitimate, and that Apple was just dragging their feet. But the use case for Photos > YouTube seems about 1000x greater than the former, so this is a real puzzler to me…