Where’s the TidBITS Talk HELP info?

I searched on the content (main, articles, TidBITS) site for “discord” and found nothing.

It’s not in the FAQ here.

While the Discord on-boarding bot is nifty, I don’t know how to ask it a question once I have my account set up.

Quick point of clarification. Tidbits Talk uses Discourse, not Discord.

I think that’s because you’re looking for Discourse. :slight_smile:

Discourse doesn’t really have good built-in help, partially because it’s constantly evolving. If you click the hamburger button in the upper-right, you’ll get links to the FAQ and to Keyboard Shortcuts.

You can also refer back to the welcome message by going to https://talk.tidbits.com/my/messages

I really want to write an article documenting some of this stuff, but I’ve had trouble finding the time during this busy season with all of Apple’s releases.

And of course, feel free to ask questions here!