Where are the 5K displays?

Continuing the discussion from LG 27UK850-W: An Acceptable 27-inch Display for the Mac:

I’ve used the 24” Apple display with mini display port for more than 7 years and switched it to the LG 5K display after it died on me. I was so happy with it that during the pandemic and spending all my time working from home I got a second LG 5K display to sit side by side with it. The second one offers 96W of power to charge my MBP.
The 4K display won’t even charge my MBP with its 60W output.
If only Apple would be offering a 5K display rather than the hefty 6K display with that fancy stand that costs twice as much as a quality 4K display.

Yup. Seen that. Just trying to see why this resolution isn’t popular. Is it a value/price that’s not “there”?

There is less of a price barrier for high end professionals, which is the reason why Apple developed the 6k Pro XDR. But Apple never wanted to get into the stand alone display or printer business, they did so when other manufacturers didn’t foresee enough of a market. Apple jumps in with a game changing product when there is a need to prove that there is enough demand, and then gladly backs off rather than getting into a price war. And my guess is that for most users, there wasn’t that major a difference between 5k and 4K monitors, so not that many PC or Mac users wanted to spend the extra bucks for the screen and probably a new computer with a big enough graphics card to run it.

I’ve read articles stating that 5K displays are rare because there aren’t any TVs with 5K displays. Thus the demand for 5K panels is limited. So we can eventually look forward to 8K displays or whatever the next TVs will move to.

I think that’s a logical conclusion.

Of course, I fail to see the purpose of an 8K TV using an LCD panel. That resolution on even the largest LCDs (e.g. 80") is smaller than the Retina threshold. In order for 8K to look like an improvement over 4K, I think it is going to have to be a projector, so you can make a 100" or larger image, which will be needed for this resolution to be a noticeable improvement over 4K.