Where Are My Podcasts?

I don’t know where else to turn with this problem and so, since you folks are my great goto resource, I’ll lay it out for you!

I recently upgraded from 10.12.6 to Catalina. One of my longtime favorite time fillers is listening to my podcasts on my newly upgraded iPod (7th Generation) while walking, driving, doing the dishes, etc.

The other day I heard an excellent Thom Hartmann podcast and wanted to email a copy of that show to my wife. With macOS 10.12.6 this was a simple process of drilling down through the various folders and through/into iTunes, and Attaching the file to an email. I tell you, not only could I not find that particular podcast – I COULDN’T FIND ANY OF MY PODCASTS!

Is there anyone in this group of experts who can help me locate my podcasts which seem to be hiding somewhere on my MBP in Catalina?

Thanks for any time you may donate to this!



for information on the location of media files for MacOS Catalina. Unfortunately, podcasts are now stored in a folder that’s not intended to be human accessible and the files no longer retain their original names.

You can drag podcasts files from the Podcast application to the desktop or a Finder folder. The resulting file will be named using the name of the particular podcast episode.

Apple’s preferred method is that you share a link to the podcast rather than the actual file. You can do that my right-clicking on the particular episode and then clicking the ‘Share’. From the submenu, click your favorite way of communicating with others and an appropriate file or message will be created containing the link. Note that you can also do this from a mobile device.

Thank you both for the answers I requested and needed!

However, it is another reason for me to grumble about Apple’s rapidly deteriorating original Steve Jobs mandate to keep the needs of the Apple Customers foremost in everything that Apple does. Hidden podcasts, “… that are not intended to be human accessible … and no longer retain their original names.” INDEED!