WhatsApp Desktop update

WhatsApp Desktop (Spanish version) has been nagging me to update for the last few days, saying the new version will enable me to continue working without a phone being connected. An Update (Actualizar) button was provided but when I clicked it the update took almost no time at all and presented me with a QR code to scan with my iPhone.
I haven’t done that yet because the WhatsApp Desktop version number hasn’t changed with the supposed update, it’s still 2.2204.13. Should I be suspicious?

I would be suspicious.

I went through the updating and QR code process and nothing bad has happened so far.

Thanks! I’ve posted a query to WhatsApp support. At the very least they need to know some people (ie me) will be concerned about this update process. I’ll report on their response if and when I receive it.

Tom - that’s good to hear. But I’ll wait until I get a response from WhatsApp support.

Is there a dialog box behind the main window offering to complete the update? I’ve seen that happen before with a few apps that aren’t coded properly to make sure such dialogs are not hidden.

No, there’s no hidden dialog box. The update seems to have completed, in that a dialog now displays a QR code to scan, but the app version number hasn’t changed. It just struck me as odd. I’ve received an acknowledgment of my query from WhatsApp but not a reply as yet.

Not sure why you are reluctant to scan the QR code. I had different issue in that WhatsApp wasn’t showing me that a new version was available when I knew there was one. As soon as I scanned the QR, it prompted me to update.

Why would any update of any software include scanning of a QR code? This doesn’t sound normal at all.

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My WhatsApp is now at 2.2206.9. It’s the same app in Spanish as in English.
It’s been sometime since they started linking the iPhone with up to four other devices. I still have to try installing it on my iPad.
As to the QR: it’s how they link the phone, whether iPhone or Android, to the Desktop application.

OP here: my hesitation was just that the version number hadn’t changed after the supposed update. I understand that scanning the QR code links the desktop app to your iPhone, no problem there - but if someone evil had somehow got access to my desktop app, would scanning the QR install malware on my iPhone? A bit over-cautious it now seems, but if something feels strange, it’s safer to be neurotic about it!

According to ‎WhatsApp Desktop on the App Store The latest version is 2.2204.13 here in the US last updated 2 weeks ago. Where/how did you get a newer version?

It updates itself. It’s from WhatsApp ‘s site.


An email response from WhatsApp support simply explained how to link WhatsApp Desktop to an iPhone, which I already knew - but at least they didn’t show any signs of alarm. So on the iPhone I opened WhatsApp’s settings and noticed that I was running a beta version, which perhaps accounts for the odd update behaviour in Desktop. Anyway I then opted out of the beta trials, scanned the QR code in WhatsApp desktop and seem to be back to normal.

According to the OP, the 2.2206.9 version available from the web site is apparently still considered beta, which must be why it’s not yet been posted to the App Store.