What Would Life Be Like without the Tech Giants?

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Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2019/02/22/what-would-life-be-like-without-the-tech-giants/

Ever wondered if you could go back to a simpler time without Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft controlling our technological lives? Kashmir Hill of Gizmodo tried cutting each one out in turn and then blocked all five. Here’s how it went.


A very interesting article, and one paragraph in particular sheds some light about why Apple is building out its Services, even though they still rely on Google, MS Azure and Amazon for cloud infrastructure.

“AWS is the internet’s largest cloud provider, generating 0ver $17 billion in revenue last year. Though Amazon makes much more in gross sales—over $100 billion—from its retail business, if you scrutinize its earnings reports, you’ll see that the majority of its profits come from AWS. Tech is where the money is, baby.”

They’d be crazy to take on the corporate cloud business right now, but rumors have been flying for years that they are working on a cloud platform that would keep everything Apple internal. Now that iTunes is solidly established, Apple Pay continues to gain steam, Music continues to grow, Health is just getting off the ground, and a lot more is in the offing, this makes a lot of sense.

But who knows what’s a long ways down the road? Privacy and security could be big selling points for an Apple Cloud as well as iCloud.

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I also ran across this interesting article, which outlines just how far Amazon’s reach is.


They are also doing major damage to Facebook and Google in retail media dollars:

Amazon’s recently consolidated ad networks are also hammering away at G&F’s general ad revenue.