What sitemap XML generator to use?

I need to create a one-off XML sitemap of a family history archive I’m having turned into a Wordpress Web site by a Web designer. I see that sitemap generator software is a thing. What would you recommend I use?
My designer says it’s important to note that the files are not linked at all but are in directory structures (that is, a standard MacOS folder/subfolder/file type of structure).

To answer my own question, these two commands in Terminal will create a text file suitable for converting to a sitemap.xml file:

find ~/Documents/MyFolder -type f > ~/Desktop/Tree.txt
find ~/Documents/MyFolder -type d >> ~/Desktop/Tree.txt
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You can specify multiple types in a single command so you don’t have to run it twice:

find ~/Documents/MyFolder -type df > ~/Desktop/Tree.txt
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