What is the lifespan of a Watch before it needs to be replaced?

My second Apple Watch Series 1 went bad yesterday. Fortunately it’s still under AppleCare+ monthly warranty (worth the $2.49/month). Apple did a remote diagnostic and said the battery had gone bad and they are sending out a replacement. I think it’s supposed to arrive today. I miss it.

The last time this happened was April, 2020. So it just lasted 1.5 years. And the first one just lasted around 2 years.

It seems like continuing your AppleCare warranty is a must. But seriously - are all the Watch series like that? They go bad and need replacement so quickly?

Or are the newer series better?

I think it is just a lottery with battery life.

Earlier this year I gave my 2015 Retina Macbook a new life by having the battery replaced (~Au$400).

Sometimes it seems these devices have smart batteries, in that they know when the warranty runs out! :blush:

We have two Apple Watches with no problems over 2 years. One of them replaced my previous AW, where the glass face cracked when it fell onto a plastic lumber deck from half a metre in height. That was very annoying and I have invested in a protective case for the replacement.

In Australia there are “fit for purpose” consumer laws and I would expect that an electronic device that usually failed after a few years would be targeted. So far the Apple range of products has avoided this.