What is "Show My Caller ID"?

On an iPhone SE (new model) with iOS 13.6.1, there is a setting Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID. When I try to access it, I get the spinning wheel, apparently eternally. What should this do? How would I make it do something?

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I believe this is a feature which will, when enabled, allow people to see your phone number on their caller ID when you call.

When disabled, I would assume it would show as “Private” or “Number Not Available” etc.

This can be helpful for your privacy, but others who prefer not to answer calls without caller ID numbers attached may ignore your call and you’ll end up in voicemail, or prevented from calling them entirely.

Try rebooting your iPhone and then accessing it.

If that doesn’t help, put your iPhone in airplane mode, and see if that does it.

If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what else to suggest, but maybe someone else will know.

G’day Will

Exactly as tjluoma wrote, with the addition that it is a carrier dependent service. Maybe check with your cellular service provider whether it provides Caller ID.

Cheers, Gobit

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Thanks, @tjluoma. Your description is just what I expected. Unfortunately, your solutions (which I should have tried before posting but hadn’t) didn’t help.

Thanks, @Gobit. I’ll assume it is carrier-dependent and my carrier doesn’t offer it. (I assume I am not alone in deciding to forgo the possible activation of a feature rather than deal with a customer service department.)