What is launching this Shortcut?

Anyone here good with Shortcuts?

For the past few weeks, this screen has been popping up.

I think I remember installing this shortcut years back, but have never used it. So, I was just going to delete it. But it bothers me that I can’t figure out what is launching it. When I go to edit it, this is what I see:

Shouldn’t there be something here that tells me how to trigger this shortcut in the first place? It seems to pop up at random times after I’ve moved or touched my phone. Otherwise, it’s a mystery.


In the Shortcuts app, tap the “Automation” tab. Do you have any personal automations listed?

Thanks for the reply!

I think the answer is no.

Have you talked the ‘i’ in a circle at the bottom of the screen? That shows some setup options, though not sure it will tell you what’s triggering the shortcut.

My understanding is that Shortcuts are shared between Apple devices so maybe an iPad or Mac is responsible?

Good question.

Unfortunately, on the 3 tabs under the (i), I don’t see anything that tells me what is triggering the shortcut:

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Okay, so that’s interesting. I haven’t checked my iPad, but here on my Mac I do see that same shortcut. But the UI matches what I see on my iPhone: that is to say, I don’t see anything that tells me what is triggering the Shortcut.

I wonder if it’s a Siri suggestion? Settings / Siri & Search. Scroll down and tap “Shortcuts” and turn off the items under “suggestions” and see if it stops?

So, that’s interesting, because it suggests there may be some inexplicable and inconsistent logic that could be at play, which is what I’m observing.

I just turned those 3 switches off. Since I don’t know how to reproduce this, I may just have to wait and see if I don’t see any more recurrences for a week.

Thanks for the tip!