What is iPhone's Settings -> Cellular -> System Services -> General?

What does General have for cellular data? I can’t find any details about it. https://matrix.zimage.com/_matrix/media/v3/download/ross154.net/roAKRVmNNgazozzMtlZbtiNa/IMG_3458.PNG for a screen shot/capture from my 12 mini’s iOS v17.4.1.

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :)

Interesting. After I reset Cellular statistics 11 days ago, I’m seeing 27 categories of Settings → Cellular → System Services. Most counts (Accessibility thru Voicemail) are in KB. Here are the only ones in MB:

Apple ID Services 1.30 MB
Bluetooth Services 1.46 MB
DNS Services 9.84 MB
General 4.35 MB
Mapping Services 3.06 MB
Push Notifications 6.56 MB
Software Updates 1.93 MB
Time & Location 3.35MB

Although I’m a little surprised to see DNS Services that high, the rest kinda make sense given the way I’ve been using my iPhone SE (2022 model, 17.4.1).

Looking through the other, lower used, categories, I’m a little surprised to this category being this low:

Documents & Sync 574 KB

… Although I do have Background App Refresh turned off for most apps (and when I’m away from WiFI I make a point of closing the apps I don’t actually use when I go out).

Note that there is no way (that I know of) to get per-app cell data use numbers. Perhaps the General category is a catch-all that – among other things – counts some app syncing to various cloud services??


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Yeah, it’s weird. I have most of cellular apps off. Prey, AdGuard Pro, and Find My are always on. I manually turn on others like Maps, etc. when needed. I don’t do clouds except Find My (have eight AirTags too).

Sure there is. In Settings → Cellular, on the list of apps, there’s a data-used count just below each app’s name: