What are your favorite features of iOS/iPadOS 14?

I just updated my iPad Pro (but not my iPhone 11 Pro Max, not just yet) to iPadOS 14, and as far as I can tell, I’m not having any issues. I’ve enabled non-precise locations for most apps, pinned a few folks in Messages, modified my animoji, and thought about setting up some widgets. But now what? What else might I consider doing? What are your favorite new features, and how are you liking them?

My favorite feature is App Library because it makes app management a lot less stressful.

I haven’t had much time to explore this aspect of iOS 14, but a lot of folks are taking advantage of widgets and new Shortcut features in iOS 14 to customize and sometimes completely overhaul their Home screens.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a part of iPadOS (yet), so I haven’t been able to play with it. I’ve always just swiped down in the middle of the Home screen, to bring up a search dialog box, and started typing the name of the app that I’m looking for, so I am curious as to how App Library will be different for me. I’ll find out when Apple releases iOS 14.2, and I install it on my iPhone. :slight_smile:

How are they doing all the custom icons and widgets?

I’m not too excited about widgets (I already have what I need on the Today screen) and I probably won’t care about App Library because I’ve already customized all my screens to show exactly what I want and how I want, and I routinely delete crud I don’t use so I don’t end up with 500 apps.

What I do look forward to is enhanced privacy through approximate location, private wifi address, and camera/clipboard indicators, as well as back taps (although I’ll have to get my 12 mini first to be able to use that), DarkSky integration, Maps improvements, and the improved calendar date picker (that scroll wheel thingy for dates was always stupid IMHO)