What All Does "System Data" Include x?

What All Does “System Data” Include?

Not sure how much this helps, but from the macOS User Guide:

  • System Data: Contains files that don’t fall into the categories listed here. This category primarily includes files and data used by the system, such as log files, caches, VM files, and other runtime system resources. Also included are temporary files, fonts, app support files, and plug-ins. You can’t manage the contents of this category. The contents are managed by macOS, and the category varies in size depending on the current state of your Mac. You can manage your data that falls outside the other categories using the Finder or the third-party apps that created it.

Thanks, very helpful. That is what I assumed, since other “system” stuff is shown separately. However, I was surprised by how LARGE my system data was! Do you have any idea why? Thanks