Website would like to use your location

I still have Mojave installed but did install Safari version 14.0 that seems to be the Big Sur version

Since then I am having problems with the pop up shown below. No matter what of the options I select the choice is NOT remembered by Safari
The next time the site is active I get the same popup

Is there a Setting in Safari Preferences I need to fix?


I don’t have a specific answer to why your preference isn’t remembered, but you can make so you don’t get asked for that website if you wish.

You should be able to open Safari preferences, go to the “Website” tab, then “Location” on the left panel. This will show all active websites open, and you can change any of them from the default (ask) to Deny or Allow.

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Thanks Doug. That worked

Apparently in the new version of Safari for Mojave the “link” to transfer a screen request into Safari’s preferences doesn’t work

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