Webroot and Malware Scanners

I saw that others used Webroot on this site. So, I downloaded it, bought it for 5 computers (did NOT select to order the DVD but they sent it and charged me). Then I started having trouble saving changes to my preferences. Submitted a ticket. After 2-3 days they responded saying we needed to talk via phone. But all the Techie said was completely uninstall it then reinstall it. Well, the uninstaller did not work, so I Googled manual removal of all parts of it to get rid of it. I wonder if I could have picked a better Malware Scanner, etc. I already use malwarebytes and cleanmymac. Ideas are welcome. Patrick

I’m very surprised that they don’t offer a trial version on their website — that would have saved you a lot of trouble and expense.

Yea, and, they might have. I just wanted to move forward and besides, even that might not have shown me that it would be nearly impossible to ‘remove.’ Thank you. Patrick

I wonder if you have TidBITS and TidBITS Talk mixed up with some other site—the only person who’s ever mentioned Webroot here is you. :-) I’d never even heard of it before.

If you already use Malwarebytes and CleanMyMac, you definitely don’t need another anti-malware app. Personally, I’d suggest running Malwarebytes every so often manually and nothing more. I don’t have a sense of how quickly CleanMyMac updates its checks, but that’s all Malwarebytes does.

Could CleanMyMac’s uninstaller remove Webroot?

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Thank you, Adam
Actually, CleanMyMac’s Installer could NOT remove all of Webroot.
So, I”m $49 or more in the hole but probably going to stay clear of it.

I’d try to get rid of it, even if you can’t get your money back. A Google search brings up a fair amount of advice on the topic.


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Thanks Adam
I tried that but did not work. I had to change the permissions on th e app to include me, restart in safe boot mode then gradually put in trash and delete. Used Find Any File by Thomas to search out all of it to delete. Yea, your advice is good and carries wisdom of experience.

Have A Nice Day :smiley: No Really! A Nice Day :grinning:

Luckily, I had installed it only on 2 computers:
2015 rMBP 15: CleanMyMacUninstaller would not remove it.
2013 MacPro: CleanMyMacUninstaller DID remove it.
I’m still using T Templeman’s Find Any File to look for remnanats to dispose of.
Maybe there’s something wrong w my rMBP.
All on Monterey.
Thank you

Well, just for grins you could try AppCleaner, by FreeMacSoft. I use it routinely to delete apps I no longer want. And it’s completely free.

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I’ll just echo that I’ve never seen Webroot recommended here, in fact, I don’t recall anybody who tried it being happy. The only recent independent testing that I can find was by av-comparatives back in 2019 and they did not certify it since it had the lowest rate of detection, below their 99% threshold. I’ve never personally evaluated it, either, but recall some legacy testing being done about a decade ago that produced even lower detection rates.

Whether or not you need additional anti-malware scanning or not depends on your computer habits, which I am not familiar with, so cannot make a recommendation. It’s true that the method used by Malwarebytes has been purposely limited in favor of saving time, but most users should find it sufficient. You may see others drop by and recommend the free Intego VirusBarrier Scanner, which uses a more thorough and time consuming method of scanning, if you feel the need for such extra protection. Just make sure that you don’t have more than one scanner activated to do real-time/on-access scanning as that will probably prevent you from efficient use of your computer as they fight over who gets to scan first. Use manual or scheduled scans only for any other scanner you have.

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Thank you, Al
I wholly appreciate the information.
In the defense of Webroot I requested and received a total refund.
I’ve removed it from both machines.
I will stick w Malwarebytes and CleanMyMac Virus scanner as well as the See-Objective apps by Patrick Wardle, DetectX Swift by sqwarq,
and most of the apps from Howard Oakely.

Thank you, Jeff
I used AppDelete by Reggie Ashworth which I’ve used for ove20 years to help and finally got Webroot off.
I appreciate the tips and do have AppCleaner as a backup. :)

Thank you to all who responded. In defense of the Webroot developer, they are refunding my monies. That is ‘Best Behavior’ as far as I’m concerned.
I’ll stick w Malwarebytes, CleanMyMac, Howard’s apps, and Obj-See apps.
Again, I wholly appreciate all the good tips.

Al: Here is the 2022 Comparison Workup for AV Comparatives. Intego didn’t make it and Webroot was nowhere to be found. Patrick

A couple of things to round out this part of the discussion that don’t really impact your situation.

The Intego product that was tested is there paid for AV suite, not the free VirusBarrier Scanner, although I would expect the detection rates to be similar.

I generally prefer the results of AV-TEST to AV-Comparatives. Here’s what they have had to say about the Intego products over the years:

They have never tested WebRoot for some reason.

Thank you, as these are two wonderful references which I have never known about.
Very appreciative

I do wonder why none of these test sites do not test Malwarebytes, that I can find.