Weather Info - Can Humidity be added to lock screen?

I was happy last fall when I upgraded iOS on my iPhone 11 and was able to add weather info to the lock screen.

While I was able to select Temperature as an item to display, there was no option to display humidity.

That’s fine for the cool months of the year, but with Summer days, I’d like to see the humidity also.
(or the dew point.) 90º with 30% humidity is a lot different than 90º with 85% humidity.

Was there something I missed or is it not possible at this time?


The stock weather app widget doesn’t offer humidity, but a subscription to Carrot Weather allows you to add humidity to the lock screen.

Thanks for info - I’ll check it out.

I like Snowflake for this, from the iStat Menus developer:

The watch complications are nicely varied. You can have both humidity and dew point so you can get a quick guess at how fast wet things will get dry. I put them in the top line of an hourly summary bar, but there are other options.

No data is collected. $5/year subscription for the watch complications and some other features such as radar (though I’m not fond of the radar in this or any other weather app other than radarscope).

Thanks for another option for me.